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4.5 Research Strategy Robson (2002) in his paper had delineated three different processes for conducting research work, or in other words plans for responding to the research question. These are the experiment based, the survey based, and the case-study based strategies…
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will adopt the conceptual model approach, framed by Yin (1989) in his research article. According to Yin (1989) conceptual models are necessary while conducting research work, especially in the context of framing a well-defined information and subsequent discussion and analysis. Quite often used when two phenomena are being compared and contrasted (in this case comparing and contrasting two procurement organizations, A and B), this approach requires that the researcher frame and organize the data into a modular format. This paper is in line with Yin’s theory of the resultant conceptual model, which though formulated primarily primary data, also allows for the mapping of a phenomenon and its subsequent theoretical analysis. In other words, this approach allows for the explanation of facts through theoretical analysis; the expansion of knowledge through the clarification of the relation between reality and theory; and most importantly, is ideally appropriate for a comparative analysis of two organizations (Yin, 1989). The nature and concerns of the current research have led to the determination of the imperatives of extensively exploiting the conceptual model approach. The research focuses on the critical analysis of two organizations, from the data collected during primary research. Organization A, a public sector entity, is a Public Procurement Organization; while Organization B, also a Public Procurement Organization belongs to a different Department. Primary data from both the organizations were collected through the process of extensive interviewing. 4.5.1 Qualitative Sampling When selecting samples for qualitative survey, a different set of priorities must be taken into consideration. Each conducted qualitative survey is almost similar to an individual scientific research. Here the sample size is not important, rather the set up of observable patterns in the data, is. According to Patton (1987), “The sample should be large enough to be credible, given the purpose of evaluation, but small enough to permit adequate depth and detail for each case or unit in the sample”. Qualitative samples tend to be studied in nature, rather than being random (Crabtree and Miller, 1999). Studied sampling, or criterion?based selection (Miles and Huberman, 1994) bases the selection of research and participants on certain specific features and characteristics that will enable the researcher to gather in?depth information on areas important for that particular research. This type of studied sampling is therefore strategic in nature (Crabtree and Miller, 1999), with scope for easy access to explore a situation and the participants, having only secondary importance. Typical case sampling, a particular type of purposive sampling, observed mainly in cases that are representative of a larger group selected for a detailed analysis, is relevant to the present study (Patton, 1987). Since qualitative research does not emphasize on statistical data interpretation, there is no compulsion that samples must be of a sufficient scale for a researcher to arrive at a conclusion (Denzin and Lincoln, 2000). Sample sizes must be kept credibly small, in order to do justice to the rich evidence provided by the qualitative studies and to make best use of the resources available for intensive research analysis (Ritchie and Lewis, 2003). Within the context of the present study, sample size was primarily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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