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Is business collaboration, rather than market competition, becoming the key to success Discuss in relation to two sectors - Essay Example

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According to (Yoshino and Srinivasa, 1995), collaboration is a strategic alliance between two or more than two company with the goal of gathering mutual benefits for both the company. Increasing global competition in response to delivering efficient service to the customers has…
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Is business collaboration, rather than market competition, becoming the key to success Discuss in relation to two sectors
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Download file to see previous pages Townsend and Shelley (2008) opined that, competition and collaboration exists in a business side by side and provides interdepartmental competition within the collaborative organizations. In many times it has been proven that, collaboration with the rival firms creates stronger business even with apparent competitor. In the current business scenario, getting away from the competition is quite tough. A business cannot resist itself from entering into a market competition. But collaboration is more active to inject aviation and fitness within an industry, more importantly in providing better experience to the customer. Organizations those are not able to form collaboration, are not much effective to encourage innovation towards the business growth and strategic capabilities.
As businesses are becoming more close to the global world, collaboration is becoming increasingly important to ensure long term existence. The two industries where business collaboration can be experienced and observed in plenty are the IT industry and the Automobile industry. Collaboration among the IT industries has resulted to deliver IT based solution that are more flexible and tailored to meet changing business and customer’s needs. Examples of collaboration in IT sectors are Microsoft to Nokia, Google to Motorola etc. On the other hand, focusing on the collaboration technique, Auto mobile industries also gained high production capacity and margin to the high volume. Some major collaboration that already has taken place in automobile industry is general motor to PSU, Tata to Jaguar etc.
Undoubtedly, collaborative strategy and dynamic is more effective in comparison to competition to provide innovation and business growth. Collaboration is more appropriate to competition in creating better future for a business. Ring et al. (1994) opted that, global competition may send a business to the outer space from the industry, but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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