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In reference to the studies conducted by (Cunningham 4-5), he noted that the main difference between a talent manager and a talent leader is that a talent leader manages better the key functions of talent management and strategically realigns the talent within the company with…
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Talent leadership The model below presents the critical elements necessary for high performance talent leadership in today’s globally competitive and rapidly changing work environment.
1. Talent leadership model
Align individual goals with Create highly skilled
Corporate strategy internal talent pools
Information sharing and Reward employees
Collaboration based on their performance.
In reference to the studies conducted by (Cunningham 4-5), he noted that the main difference between a talent manager and a talent leader is that a talent leader manages better the key functions of talent management and strategically realigns the talent within the company with the company’s strategic objectives.
The above model shows the key elements for high performance talent leadership; the center circle show main elements that are usually involved in talent management and the other four elements pointing to the circle show additional elements to achieve high performance talent leadership. (Cunningham 5-6) stated that talent leaders apart from managing talent they also realign individuals goals with the corporate strategy. Secondly, they share organisation’s information and collaborate with the employees to increase performance. Thirdly, they focus on creating a highly skilled internal talent pool to enable easy future succession and replacements. Lastly, talent leaders reward employees based on their performance to boost their morale.
The additional elements of talent leadership makes the model unique since it enables an organisation to build and fully utilise its talent pipeline in a way that it can boost an organisation’s performance. Moreover, the additional elements, which reinforce talent management practices differentiates the model above from other talent leadership models, which only focus on improving the core functions of talent management that include, attracting, engaging, retaining, and developing talent.
This model is highly recommendable to organisations because it can increase the competency level of the employees, lower the recruitment cost due to high retention level, increase motivation among the employees because of the reward system and prospects of rising up the career ladder. Equally an organisation will have a competitive human capital that can further strength its position within the market thereby giving it a return on the investment made on talent leadership.
To implement the model effectively, leaders will be taught on how to manage talent better and in a strategic manner.
Lastly, this model can be justified to the chief executive officer stating that it will create high effective and efficient employees who will enable the organisation to attain its strategic objectives.
Work Cited
Cunningham, I. Talent Management: Making it real. Development and Learning in Organisations, 21 (2), 4-6. 2007 Print. Read More
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