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Apple Computer, Inc: Maintaining the Music Business while Introducing iPhone and Apple TV - Case Study Example

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This is the brief history and research on how Apple Inc came to the forefront in mid 1970s when two individuals sat together and decided to launch a platform that would be based on innovation and productivity…
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Apple Computer, Inc: Maintaining the Music Business while Introducing iPhone and Apple TV
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Download file to see previous pages There were some sore times between the company and Steve Jobs but they were resolved in later year. Apple Inc has its headquarter at California United states and has its chain spread across the world in major cities of the world, namely Canada, United Kingdom and other parts of Europe to name a few. It has a work force of nearly. It has a large work force spread in different retail stores and the revenues generated every year are in billions of dollars. 1-Describe the key strategic challenges faced by Apple Computer. Apple Inc is faced with number of challenges; a serious challenge faced on internal grounds is in form of the loss of its pioneer Steve Jobs. He was the one who brought it to this level, and made it possible. His loss has been a loss not only to the organization itself rather the entire modern technological world. This shows the role the man played and the impact he had on the company itself. Replacing him will take some time and it will be a job in itself to find the personnel who can fill in his shoes. A general debate exists amongst the technology gurus that question the future of Apple without the legendary man who has brought the company to this level. Its impact might not be visible as yet, but in years to come it can have an impact on the organization, its productivity, innovation and market leading trend. The challenge can be mitigated through introduction of effective management team that is focused on creating innovative ideas and introducing products and services that represent the company in a true shape. On external front the challenges faced are more severe and there is a general concept of rest of the world vs. Apple Inc. Since the digital technology trends change at a lightning speed, the need is to embrace themselves to changes and think one step ahead of the competitors in terms of change and new products. 2- Describe the dimensions along which company success can be measured.  Apple Inc is a top name in the electronic and hardware industry of manufacturing market. It is specialized in providing number of services and products which include mobile phones, computers, software applications, operating systems and various other characteristic items. Apple Inc’s areas of strength in modern times are its world renown and ubiquitous smart phone I-phone, the state of the art tablet I-Pad , a product for music savvy customers I-Pod and subsequent software application I-Tune. Apple T.V is its one of the latest offer that has given it a total new dimension and has attracted large number of customers towards itself .The aim behind introduction of Apple T.V is to capture the online internet customers market of streaming and live feeds. This will allow downloading large number of online data in form of movies and online programs .The Company provides equal options in the field of computers and operating systems and is not behind any one. Mac books and desktop computers are world famous for their class, elegance and performance (Porter & Norton, 2009). Apple T.V has not been a great success and has not achieved the outputs as expected, there were number of reasons to it, and revamping this idea and aspect serves as a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. The company achieved its boom in last decade of 20th century when Steve Jobs through his skill of sheer innovation and creativity set the organization on a path towards complete elevation. This was the second time when he joined the company and as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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