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The report will take into consideration one particular SBU of Apple, i.e., personal computers. With the discovery of personal computers, the industry which once had very less large companies and with expensive products, now have many manufacturers with millions of customers in the country of United States…
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Download file to see previous pages Liquidity Ratio Initially, the liquidity ratio for Apple needs to be evaluated. This ratio determines the company’s capacity to pay short-term debts2 The formula for calculating the liquidity ratio is current assets divided by current liabilities. 2010 (in USD) (numbers in thousands) 2009 (in USD) (numbers in thousands) Current Assets 43,927,000 31,555,000 Current Liabilities 23,795,000 11,506,000 Liquidity Ratio 1.84 2.74 Working Capital 20,132,000 20,049,000 In the above table, working capital has also been calculated which has been obtained by subtracting current assets by current liabilities. The table depicts that Apple Inc has positive working capital and this shows that Apple has the capability to pay their debts3 Debt-to-Equity Ratio 2010 (in USD) (numbers in thousands) 2009 (in USD) (numbers in thousands) Total Liabilities 32,076,000 15,861,000 Shareholders’ Equity 54,666,000 31,640,000 Debt to Equity Ratio 0.58 0.50 When there is high debt to equity ratio, it generally indicates high amount of debt utilised by the company in order to finance its operation. It is evident from the above result that Apple has low debt to equity ratio and thereby its assets are financed by means of shareholders equity instead of long term debts4 Net Profit Margin Ratio 2010 (September) (in USD) (numbers in thousands) 2009 (September) (in USD) (numbers in thousands) Net Income 14,013,000 8,235,000 Net Sales 65,225,000 42,905,000 Net profit Margin Ratio 21% 19% A strong net profit margin is one factor that can effectively control the cost of the organisation and show the operational efficiency. It has been found that there has been significant improvement in the net profit margin ratio of Apple in comparison...
The intention of this study is Apple Inc that was previously known as Apple Computers. It is a multinational corporation with its headquarters in United States of America. The main business of the company has been to market and create consumer electronics, personal computers and to market consumer electronics. The company has four main divisions in which the company operates. It had been reorganised in the year 1988 as Apple USA, Apple Europe along with Apple Pacific and Apple Products. The various strategic business units of the company are portable digital music players, media devices, peripherals, third-party digital contents as well as applications. Its numerous products and services consist of Macintosh Computers, iPads, iPhones, iPod, Apple, Xserve and Apple TV, service as well as support systems. It can be stated that Apple Inc has been capable of achieving great success since last few years because of the methods and the procedures used for marketing its products. In addition to these, the company’s strategy also consist of expansion of its distribution channels so that it can reach more and more number of customers effectively and therefore provide the customers with goods which are of high quality and also offer after-sales services to them. Apple Inc. received great success from numerous products such as iPhones, iPods as well as iTunes. The communication strategy followed by the company is quite simple, clear, clever and sober. It makes use of TV advertisements, prints advertisements as well as online advertisements in order to lure the customers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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