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Strategic Evaluation of Apple Inc - Essay Example

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The research paper “Strategic Evaluation of Apple Inc.”  focuses on the strategies of Apple Inc. and evaluates them. It also suggests a potential alternative strategy that the organization can adopt for its marketing purpose for its future growth…
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Strategic Evaluation of Apple Inc
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Extract of sample "Strategic Evaluation of Apple Inc"

Download file to see previous pages The annual revenue of Apple for the fiscal year of 2015 is $233 till September (Apple, 2015).
Apple Inc. is found to provide high level brand products. It offers the most valuable brands to its customers. The organization offers the best personal experience of computing to the students, inventive proficient, educationist and clients across the world through its inventive hardware (De Wit and Meyer, 2010). It is a perpendicularly incorporated organisation that supplies and industrializes a wide range of software, hardware as well as many operating systems that are innovative. Apple followed this strategy to sustain the company’s profit level with a pledge that they would not lose their margins and growth of profits by investing in somewhere else. The main reason behind the adoption of this strategy is to ensure that they look up to all the significant segments of the company by investing mainly on research and development (R&D). However, there are other strategies as well that Apple Inc can adopt for its future growth (Ocasio and Joseph, 2008). This may include marketing and advertising. The paper thus focuses on the strategies of Apple Inc. and evaluates them. It also suggests a potential alternative strategy that the organization can adopt for its marketing purpose.
The figure below shows the advertising budget of Apple Inc. It can be seen from the table that the budget of Apple Inc is 1.8 billion$ in the year 2015, almost a double from that of the year 2011. Though the company’s advertising budget is not largest among its competitors, but the organisation uses it most effectively.
Recently, Apple integrated with the market of mobile phone for a new model of iPhone. According to Mintel (2015), Apple Inc. is a ‘multimedia download market’. This is because, the Company is able to transfer anything in the form of copy from the internet to portable devices, personal computers etc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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