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Assessment Task Two: Case Analysis Strategy Evaluation and Implementation - Essay Example

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The paper tends to render a brief analysis and comparison of the strategic developments brought about by two companies Apple and Sony both in terms of business and corporate level. The paper is thus adequately divided into significant sections where it firstly endeavors to…
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Assessment Task Two: Case Analysis Strategy Evaluation and Implementation
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Extract of sample "Assessment Task Two: Case Analysis Strategy Evaluation and Implementation"

Download file to see previous pages Finally the paper hints on the current challenges that are being faced by both Sony and Apple in its global operations and the managerial view point that would help the companies in effectively countering the external challenges posed thereof. Key Findings from the analysis made reflects that the Business and Corporate Strategies of Apple Incorporation are more related to the ambit of creativity and innovation. Thus the company renders a lot of investment in product and market development activities. Diversified range of innovated products help Apple gains the needed market share and space in the international markets. Similarly for Sony the parameters of diversification into other business sectors like insurance along with reorganization and restructuring activities helps the company in building and sustaining its market share in the electronic market.
Apple Incorporation based in United States formed by Late Steve Jobs continuously focuses on incorporating the parameters of innovation and creativity to effectively venture in the production of digital equipments in the ambit of Personal Computers and other types of digital gadgets like iPhones, iPods and digital music offerings like iTunes. Markets for such large array of digital products manufactured by Apple tends to range along different segments pertaining to Professionals relating to the world of Creativity and Business and also of people related to the field of Education. Moreover affluent individuals in the society also happen to gain the innovative digital products of Apple that in turn acts as a status symbol. Thus the global vision and mission of Apple Incorporation is to satisfy the needs of the consumers by producing products of high quality in terms of configuration and internet connectivity paradigms. Apple enhances consumer satisfaction through the rendering of adequate customer servicing and after-sales ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assessment Task Two: Case Analysis Strategy Evaluation and Essay.
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