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To increase the presence of Apple products in the Asia-Pacific region through establishment of 300 stores in Indonesia and India by the end of the financial year 2015 so as to facilitate a 30 percent increase in the market share. This would ensure implementation the market…
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Implementation Apple Organization
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Apple Organization al Affiliation) Implementation and objectives To increase the presence of Apple products in the Asia-Pacific region through establishment of 300 stores in Indonesia and India by the end of the financial year 2015 so as to facilitate a 30 percent increase in the market share. This would ensure implementation the market development strategy.
To launch iPhone models within the range of $80 in Indonesia and India by the financial year 2016, to promote an 80 percent increase in sales within the Asia Pacific region.
To improve the retailing and logistics offered to the consumers within the Asia Pacific region through establishment of joint ventures and strategic alliances with the organizations providing mobile phone networks and other retail sectors throughout Indonesia and India by the end of the 2016 financial year.
Strategic controls
Customer feedback - contentment of iPhone customers in the Asia Pacific region would be a determinant factor for the success of the marketing plan and strategic approach (Mackay & Wilmshurst, 2011).
Target market sales - Various measurements of sales including revenue generated, units sold, or profit can be used in determining sales. This measurement compares the actual sales of iPhone in the Asia Pacific regions with the projections in the marketing plan to determine consistencies and needs for change (Mackay & Wilmshurst, 2011).
Trigger and Contingency Plan
To finalize the lease contract and locations of 90 stores in the first quarter of financial year 2015, there will be need to renegotiate the plans, to recruit additional staff, to review the general plan, and to submit a report of the plan required plan of action that would facilitate operationalizing of the stores in the first month of the second quarter.
Failure of finalizing the team and their responsibilities by the end of the second quarter of 2015 financial year. Review the team building plan and allow the Director of R&D and the HR Director to review the issue and provide a final team based on priority.
Given the new product development facility is not operational by the end of the fourth quarter of 2015 financial year, review the unmet requirements, review the project plan, and appoint a different project manager if required.
Management strategies
Apple has established a collaborative organizational structure that allows the different divisions to come together in view of making important decisions within the organization, thus increasing the performance of the organization (Horrigan, 2012).
Apple employs the differentiation strategies, where it has high invested in the development of unique product with distinguished attributes, which form its points of sale.
Apple also employs the focus strategy by targeting the broad scope of the mass market, coupled with the differentiating strategy to meet the needs of customers in this segment.
Success factors
Evaluating the stores’ strategic locations, recruiting experienced human resources, and allocating a proper budget to implement the Market Development Strategy.
Establishment of a team aimed at facilitating the development of the new product, procuring new machinery and instruments, and establishment of a new development facility in the view of promoting product development.
Identify the needs of the organization based on competence, brand image, and market share; and negotiation and implementation of ventures of alliances within the determined organizations.
Risk management plan
Branding –focusing on Apple’s activities on branding and creation of the company’s recognition among the customers thus counter-managing the risk of increased aggressive competition.
Innovation – innovation allows for the development of a connection with the consumers and thus managing different problems and risks related to threats for substitution and new entries (Franke, Keinz, & Steger, 2009).
Franke, N., Keinz, P., & Steger, C. J. (2009). Testing the Value of Customization: When Do Customers Really Prefer Products Tailored to Their Preferences? Journal of Marketing, 73(5), 103-121.
Horrigan, J. B. (2012). Recent Tech Adoption Trends and Implications. Retrieved from Apple Inc.:
Mackay, A., & Wilmshurst, J. (2011). Fundamentals and Practice of Marketing. . New York: Routledge. Read More
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