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Applying the Principles in Our Organization - Essay Example

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This is usually hindered by several factors that include employee rigidity and the cost of implementation among others. In other cases job entitlement also plays a key role…
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Applying the Principles in Our Organization
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Extract of sample "Applying the Principles in Our Organization"

Applying the Principles in our Organization Many organizations are faced by the tough task of applying organizational principles at their work places. This is usually hindered by several factors that include employee rigidity and the cost of implementation among others. In other cases job entitlement also plays a key role in implementation of a number of these principles (Koberg and Bagnall, 1981). This paper aims at critically analyzing how entitlement within an institution meets or does not meet several requirements of the organization.
Application of Principles in the Organization
Experts across the world have always debated about the enormous innovation and productivity gap that weighs down on many economies around the world. After the World War II, people around began to grow a sense of entitlement at their places of work, making employment look like a right rather than a duty or obligation (Koberg and Bagnall, 1981). This paper is designed to look at how entitlement meets several job requirements at work places for the employees in the hunt to apply the basic organizational principles.
People are being Stretched and Grown
At Apple Computers, entitlement helps to meet this requirement as it ensures that team leaders emerge from within the organization. The organization has also put in place efficient communication channels that ensure suitable flow of quality information and timely feedback. In addition, the organization has mechanisms that identify outstanding employees and rewards them for their performance. All these activities aim at ensuring that employees in the organization are fully stretched to their maximum of their capabilities and grown as well.
People Development Works Best through Inspiration, not Authority
Learning of new skills is easier when the learner is interested and highly motivated or attracted towards the acquisition of that skill. Job entitlement at General Motors has been instrumental in ensuring that everyone understands that for one to develop, it takes motivation and not authority. The organization has invested heavily in developing the skills of their employees to ensure sound future leadership.
Applying the Principles to Teams
Many leaders fail owing to their lack of exercising of the above principles. In order to have an effective team for a given task, the team leader must have a sense of entitlement and understand it in order to ensure that their decision making process is in line with the organizational procedures. In addition, they have to develop a team and not an individual. The process for acquiring a suitable team will involve a number of activities key among them being;
i. The team leader has to pick the correct people in making the team. To do this, they need detailed information about the chemistry of the individuals and a clear assessment and knowledge of their cultures and beliefs. This helps to assemble a team with desirable qualifications to fit in the project.
ii. The team leader should be aware of the agendas that are competing so as to construct a suitable plan and/or priority list, probably in order of preference.
iii. The leader should also be aware of the conflicts that are unresolved among the team members to avoid disruptions during the process.
iv. They should also be aware of those members that are lethargic and unwilling to take on the challenge so as to eliminate or replace them with enthusiastic and reliable members.
This model helps in the development of creativity in an organization as it motivates innovation and development of new skills when employees are stretched. In addition, entitlement in the workplace will ensure that one has a sense of responsibility. This is if they do not consider the job a right, but as a task that requires one to work beyond the expected and to meet the highest of targets.
Koberg, D., & Bagnall, J. (1981). The all new universal traveler: A soft-systems guide to creativity, problem-solving, and the process of reaching goals. Los Altos, CA: William Kaufmann, Inc. Read More
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