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Creative Strategies For Conflict Management and Community Building - Case Study Example

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This case study "Creative Strategies For Conflict Management and Community Building" describes Salford City Council Business team that helps in supporting business professionals to make growth in their existing businesses and to help in re-creating new business opportunities. …
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Creative Strategies For Conflict Management and Community Building
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Extract of sample "Creative Strategies For Conflict Management and Community Building"

Download file to see previous pages McClelland’s Human Motivation Theory has been applied to increase the motivation amongst group members. The theory helps to identify the nature of every group members to which they are motivated. If a person is praised in a group meeting for his good performance but it not made an impression on the person but rather it made him feel bad. The idea behind this theory is that every person has different personalities and managing every person is never easy (Jelencic 2010). If a person is managing a team, it is essential to know what motivates an individual group member that is how a person can be motivated effectively. The theory helps a leader in identifying the motivational driver for the group member. Similarly, the group leader used to assign suitable tasks according to our own taste and if a person would never want to stand out in a crowd, then a person is appreciated in private.
The second theory relates to Tuckman’s theory which was introduced by Bruce Tuckman in 1960s. According to the theory, there are five stages in developing a group. Stage one of the group has successfully been applied in our group which focuses upon making small groups between people that have a good understanding amongst themselves (Anyanwu 2009). This would help them in good coordination and successful completion of the task. In our group, small groups were formed amongst individuals that were allowed to perform similar tasks. For example, Nadia and Ruby were provided a similar task for developing questionnaires due to a good understanding and having similar nature and area of expertise. Similarly, Ozone and Marios were assigned a task to design the mobile application for their website.
The third theory defines the controlling and managing the progress of the project. The theory that has been applied in our group is known as Amabile and Kramer’s Progress Theory. The theory states that if group members are communicated about small wins and progress of the project, it makes them motivated and encouraged. This helps in influencing their work performance and makes them motivated throughout their project. Similarly, our group leader would define small tasks and continuously making us informed about the overall project progress which made us perform even more. The idea behind the whole theory was to making us involved in the particular project which was essential (Kouzes and Posner 2012).
Personal Contribution and Team Contribution
When the project was due to start in a month, our first group meeting was called in which we discussed the various issues of the project and to determine how should we go about it. The first meeting was very formal due to the unfamiliarity of various group members. However, as the time passed on the group started to coordinate well amongst different group members. The foremost thing that was outlined in our first meeting was regarding developing small groups between people that goes well along with a particular teammate. The tasks were assigned according to the area of expertise the individual had.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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