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Managing a Church is Indeed a Challenge - Essay Example

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The paper "Managing a Church is Indeed a Challenge" says that strategies on how to manage a church using the theory of “transformational servant leadership” within the context of the Christian tradition in relation to the changes that may transpire in the process of church’s growth and development…
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Managing a Church is Indeed a Challenge
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Extract of sample "Managing a Church is Indeed a Challenge"

Download file to see previous pages Anent to these responsibilities, the church is also constituted with peoples of varying educational level, cultural roots, philosophy of life, political paradigms, social influences, strata in the community, familial orientations, standards of relations and their ‘otherness’ including the walls they built or their varying perceptions to almost everything. Ministers or pastors will deal with them every day with their differences although they may share commonalities.
In such context, church ministers and leaders would possibly be handling varied and conflicting responses whenever there are radical structural changes that will disturb the normative processes and operation of the church such as conversing or adding missionary functions to pastoral works (Adair, 2005). Conflicting expectations and assumptions may also get in the way as tension mounts in work-situation or if there are changes in its theological frameworks of service. This situation is further exacerbated with rapid cultural and social changes which can trigger defensive or bewildering reactions due to sudden shift on unfamiliar systems. Sometimes, Ministers will have difficulty convincing people whose reactions are too radical and confrontational, apparently due to the fixity of Christian’s symbolical systems or often due to peoples’ fear to change itself (Bayes, Sledge, Holbrook & Rylands, 2006). Often, reactions can trigger conflict situations and if not managed well, could escalate to a level that will negatively impact the church itself.
In such context, there is indeed a need to improve the capacity of ministers and pastors to lead effectively by espousing dialogues and discourses to effectively communicate developmental goals for pastoral and ministerial works; promote peacebuilding within and outside the church’s framework; uphold conflict management and transformation to prevent its escalation to violence or to devastating impacts; and to empower church leaders and community by equipping them with skills, knowledge, and tools as conflict-managers. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Managing a Church is Indeed a Challenge Case Study.
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Managing a Church Is Indeed a Challenge Case Study.
“Managing a Church Is Indeed a Challenge Case Study”.
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