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Censorship - Essay Example

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Censorship should by all accounts be simple to define, and yet arguments remain over what exactly constitutes censorship. For instance, are First Amendment rights being violated by not allowing certain words or images to be broadcast on network television Is this censorship or is this just common sense measures to protect children's undeveloped minds from being exposed to things they are not capable of processing yet And if this is just common sense, then why is banning Huckleberry Finn from school libraries censorship Is the idea of movie ratings a form of censorship Does censorship automatically constitute the existence of a censor existing as a physical being The fact is that censors…
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Download file to see previous pages... Those speaking out the loudest for suppression of this movie were, not surprisingly, those who had not seen it and for whom the film represented a threat not just to their religious beliefs, but also to pocketbooks. Jerry Falwell's interpretation of free speech was made clear when he said, before having viewed the movie, that "Neither the label 'fiction' nor the First Amendment gives Universal the right to libel, slander and ridicule the most central figure in world history" (Leo 34). In fact, of course, the label fiction pretty much is carte blanche to say whatever you want about whomever you want and those who were protesting against the film apparently never distilled that information. At no point was the film ever presented as an alternative truth to the gospels, i.e., it was never connected to any heretical gospel, but instead was clearly described as having been based on a novel. The rise of fictional representations of truth may have given Plato pause enough to consider warranting them unfit for a citizens of a republic because the general populace might get confused as to the difference between reality and imitation, but by the late 20th century one would have thought audiences would be sophisticated enough to tell the difference. Apparently, a great many people did not share this view and took it upon themselves to do what Plato suggested: censor representations of reality from the republic known as the United States of America. Falwell seems to be echoing Plato when Plato suggests that "hymns to the gods and praises of famous men are the only poetry which ought to be admitted into our State" (15), with the caveat, of course, that Falwell would demand that the word gods be replaced with the singular, monotheistic and capitalized God.
Platonic thought on the value of the arts to inform and educate still permeate the media even today and has been a driving force behind determining the value of art for thousands of years. One could make a case that the Platonic view of the dangers of mimesis has played a great role in determining the censorship of fiction. After all, it is much easier to censor something with no redeeming value than something that does have an educational content. On the other hand, those who censor are also quicker to jump into the fray when a work of art contains educational content at odds with the values of the would-be censors. That this is so can be proved using the Last Temptation affair. In the first place, Mr. Falwell and others were moved to attempt to censor the film not because it was a bad movie; they had no way of knowing that or not. What frightened Falwell was the threat it posed to his religion and all aspects connected to his religion. If the supposedly slanderous and libelous view of Jesus were taken as gospel, perhaps it would be damaging to Christianity's ongoing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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It also involves the surveillance, supervision and control of information or ideas that are promulgated in the society. Censorship has always been a hot topic of debate all over the world. It has remained a topic of heated discussions over the course of history.
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It was not until 1966 that the book was finally released to the public as its content was determined to be irrelevant and unsurprising. Since the banning of Cleland’s novel, censorship has been used to protect people from improper media according to the standards of the government and smaller organizations that focus on censorship, though this has sparked the issue of how much censorship is too much censorship.
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Internet Censorship
From the research conducted by Lenhart, Purcell, Smith & Zickuhr on “Social Media & Mobile Internet Use Among Teens and Young Adults”, it was evident that majority of users are teen-agers (93%) as of December 2009, as shown in the chart below: Source: Lenhart, Purcell, Smith & Zickurh With all kinds of information made accessible to the teen-agers, the predominant users of the Internet, it has been espoused by various local and international organizations that there is a need to censor and restrict some information and visual contents that could endanger the minds of this target population.
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Name Course Tutor Date Argumentative Essay Wolf Daniel argues that censorship was not all bad because nowadays, even though restraints on speech have been abolished, we live in a new age of social control where at one moment stupidity, ugliness, insensitivity, and offence are celebrated but the opposition from a respectable opinion is wrongly perceived.
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Considiring Censorship
Communicative content can be found in various forms such as written forms, oral forms and audio-visual forms. Through all the mentioned forms, communication is possible and if the communicative
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ve topics, harmful behaviors or inconvenient practices in which these practices are not allowed by the government, media outlet or any controlling body composed of the influential people in a community such as church leaders, advocates or non-government organizations. It
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Concidering Censorship
The mentioning of this word automatically brings with it a shock epithet value resulting from the negativity of actions utilized with an aim of
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Music Censorship
As a result, this may increase drug usage, violence, and sex. Often, music has been used as a powerful tool that relate with feelings, making one to feel better depending on his or her troublesome issue. Music censorship has
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In the recent past, the government has out in place regulatory authorities that go through materials to ascertain their level of appropriateness. If for
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Media censorship
Both are always vital and beneficial given the circumstances that inform their imposition. Despite the fact that the public has the right to information, some information may have adverse effects on the peace and stability in the society. As such,
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