Censorship in the USA - Research Paper Example

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The repression of certain material or communication that can be a threat to the national security or offensive to the masses due to its data content is term as Censorship by the government or any administrative controlling body. …
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Censorship in the USA
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"Censorship in the USA"

With the advent of freedom of speech as its integral constitution, USA tie knot with United Kingdom at 20th place for freedom of press and speech (Reporters without Borders, 2009) that had been in state of controversies, which than has been protected under the censorship of expression and speech by the First Amendments to the constitution. The censorship in USA dates back to important events of Smith Act of 1917 and Anti-Abolitionist (Reporters without Borders, 2009) during the civil war to demolish slavery, which led to the protection of privacy and sacred information during the wartime. The right of every citizen for available information is crucial and speaking for their rights is very important but the free speech rights are censored to preserve the national security heritage and any criminal act that could be offensive for the civilians and the county by mails, newspapers, tabloids, speeches etc. In particular, the paper will look at different aspects of censorship in the USA & the way it has become an important component of American society today.
After World War II, communism became a breeding ground for activist speeches and writings which than were censored to advocate for the national security and military services of USA. Obscenity under the congress law forbids the freedom of speech and determines to censor publically the adult entertainment, as it not only defined the moral standards but also the danger of obscenity to the younger citizens of USA (History of First Amendments, 1995). The censorship pertained and was not confine to the national security or freedom of speech but it exemplified the local entities to censor magazines, movies, newspapers, plays and public actions from any indecent obscenity by an extended protection under the First Amendments in the 60’s for imposing stricter standards in monitoring the actions. The literature and arts was the main target for censorship controversies in the 1930’s due to its obscene and adult literature and material depiction notably in Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer and Ulysses by James Joyce. The censorship was then defined by any immoral act of literature or art and describing the adult romance and language used for illustration was subject to ban and humiliated by the Supreme Court. Under the directions of the Supreme Court the statues depicting any obscenity or nudity that was a serious offence to the minors, which was strike down by the local government (Hanyok, pp. 23-29). The broadcasting along with the television stations was permit to operate under the agreement license that outlaws any illicit material or advertising from commercial cable networks. The entertainment industry is famous for its glorious history of censorship mainly due to films that were highly self-regulated by the Hays Code. The code principles determine the offensive situations, nudity and sexuality matters for the censorship. After 1960’s with the vast changes in social and cultural taste, the censorship was design according to the response from the public by either removing the implicit scenes from the movie or rating it adult due to offensive adult language or nudity. The state government of federal regulations did not enforce this code but it was practice to avoid the hassle of censorship regulations by the government and the court orders (Bennett, pp. 1-4). The growing popularity of internet and global presence of networking have given rise to adult entertainment websites and videos that has given a boost to the pornography industry. The minor’s protection was safeguard by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (Sweeney, pp. 29-46), which controls and filters any obscene materials for viewing in schools and universities libraries. Software Read More
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It was not until 1966 that the book was finally released to the public as its content was determined to be irrelevant and unsurprising. Since the banning of Cleland’s novel, censorship has been used to protect people from improper media according to the standards of the government and smaller organizations that focus on censorship, though this has sparked the issue of how much censorship is too much censorship.
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