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Censorship of Books in Schools and Public Libraries - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that control of the school and public library books has been a big debate in United States of America and even beyond. Whether or not there should be censorship of library resources has created a wide division among the American readers and across the globe. …
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Censorship of Books in Schools and Public Libraries
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Download file to see previous pages Examples of such cases are: Martin v. City of Trutherss of 1943. The decision made in Minarcini V. Strongsville City School District of 1976 affirmed the case of the battle of human right. There had been recommendation by teachers to their students on the usage of” Catch 22 and God Bless you” in the students discussion of great American literature. The school board however ordered for the removal of such books. This did not spare “Cat’s Cradle” either. The court ruled in favour of students to buy the books suggested by the teachers citing that success of the students would be hindered by the removal of such books. This ruling was used by Judge Albert Coffin in1980 in making his ruling on a case filled banning the use of “The Wonderers and Dog Day Afternoon” from being used in the school library (Kim Stewart, 24). In the same year of 1980, the court ruled in favour of the school board of Warsaw Community School giving them a right of removing several books from the library. The right of the board in designing curriculum based on the school’s discretion was also upheld. The school was given powers to instil tradition and norms in the school by controlling the information resources in the school library. In 1982, the Supreme Court gave the school board powers to remove certain books from the library in good faith or based on educational principles. The basis of such censorship was to be justifiable. Court cases are but just an introduction to censorship of public libraries. Current Society In the recent times, censorship has been based on the terrorist content. With the increase in terrorists attacks in Africa and the western...
This essay makes a conclusion that according to the list of the possible business strategies presented in this case study; it appears that there is need for careful censorship of both public and school libraries to ensure safety of children from materials that they cannot understand. Children should be accorded right to information access. There is need for school board and the community to work together in streamlining intellectual freedom, book banning and creation of policies that govern censorship of school and public libraries.
This report approves that some school boards remove books they feel are unsuitable to the readers from the book orders. This has led to outcry among the students as well as the public. In many cases it has been viewed as a denial of the library users their fundamental human right. This however does not take place in America alone but notably across the entire globe.
Banning of books in school and public libraries is a major concern of the entire society. Parents sent their children to school to gain information in the form of education. In the event students are barred from accessing this vital service, it is seen as a way of denying them their right to information access contained in the freedom of press. On the other hand there is need for ensuring the safety of the children. The safety should not only be physical in nature but also social, emotional and intellectual. There are some times when this right to information could be curtailed in a bid to ensure the emotional and safety of the child. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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