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Sustainable Solutions Paper. DBA strategy - Essay Example

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Sustainable Solutions Paper DBA Strategy [Instructor Name] Sustainable Solutions Paper The changing business climate resulting from application of information and technology is a significant aspect that determines sustainability of modern businesses…
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Sustainable Solutions Paper. DBA strategy
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Download file to see previous pages As a business that deals with fashion and lifestyle products, Albani is concerned with sustainability of its customers and suppliers. Being a leading company in the perfume industry, Albani can be ranked as a successful or unsuccessful company through considerable consideration of its business environment. This will require the use of appropriate and up to date business analysis tools including porter’s five forces, general force analysis tools, SWOT analysis, and detailed value analysis. Sustainable operations will only result from strategic thinking and planning by the company’s managers. In the strategic planning, the company will require addressing both its production and supply channels. Executive Summary Sustainability of a business depends on various factors. These factors are fundamental characteristic of the business environment in which a firm operates. The sustainable solution paper analyzes the immediate environment of Albani Corporation. The paper also analyzes the future of the company in terms of sustainability of its strategies and business structures. The sustainable solution paper begins by looking at the internal environment of the company. Internal business environment include immediate business factors controlled by the business. Such factors define the weakness and the strength of the company in relation to its competitors. Secondly, the paper analyzes the external environment of the company. Through the analysis, the paper utilizes essential industry analysis tools, which include SWOT/ SCOT analysis, landscape analysis, Boid analysis, Value Chain Analysis. Based on the above industrial and business analysis tool, the paper gives a long tern focus on the future of the market and industry in which Albani company operates (Alas, 2007). This focus or prediction is based on strategies derived from each of the analysis. General Force Analysis: the company is subject to economic forces that affects people’s purchasing power and way of life. Technology determines the production capacity and quality of the products that the company produces. Finally, consumption of Albani products is based on demographic factors such as gender ratios and dependency ratio it was established that the company targets people aged between 15- 40 years of age. Porter’s Five-Force Analysis Power of buyers: Buyers in the perfume industry have relatively low power and hence a low effect on the prices of the products Bargaining power of suppliers: The industry has few suppliers and hence they have high powers or ability to control the market and profitability of firms. Threats of substitutes: the industry has greatly differentiated products and hence minimal threats of substitutes. SWOT Analysis Strengths: Strong brand and Wide customer base are the main strengths of the company. Weakness: Using its positive values or strength the company hopes to eliminate its weakness, which includes Stretching demand and requirements for summer fragrances. Opportunity: By utilizing its strengths, the company hopes to exploits its opportunities, which include Emerging markets, winter fragrances. Threats: Finally, the company can counter its threatening factors by eliminating its weakness, which includes influx of cheap products, and Changing trends and fashion. Fitness Landscape and Analysis The perfume industry is a dynamic industry that is expanding constantly. However, the company is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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