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And Analysis of Business Problems in AMR Corporation - Research Paper Example

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Research and Analysis of Business Problems in AMR Corporation Insert Your Name BA 201 Final Term Paper Insert Section Number Insert Date Table of Contents Executive summary 3 Position 5 Sense 8 Uncover 10 Solve 12 Build 13 Achieve 14 Bibliography 16 Executive summary This research project is about research and analysis of problems faced by AMR Corporation and how the problems are prioritize…
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Research and Analysis of Business Problems in AMR Corporation
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Download file to see previous pages In our project, we begin by identifying the position of the company that we are studying. In this, we use mainly the vision, mission, core values, and the stakeholders of this organization. This has been actually necessary since it helped us to understanding the decision-making framework of this company that we later used in the problem identification and problem finding. We also identified the decision making model used by this company and some of the human factors that affects the decision making process in this organization. After this, we later identified the problems that are faced by this company and analyze their importance, severity, and urgency to help us in the prioritization of those problems. After prioritization, we identify the one that requires to be addressed first and we go on in identifying the possible alternatives to this problem. We later analyze our alternatives to obtain the solution to our problem and thus decide the implementation process we will undertake. We later analysis the implementation process using feasibility analysis, cost/benefit analysis and ethical screening to determine whether the implementation process is worth undertaking. ...
However, in this research I did not include the budget of the implementation process and the actual cost that the company might expect to incur during the project undertaking. I thus would like to propose that a small research on the materials and equipment needed and their costs be done before implementation to give the company the actual cost of undertaking this problem solution. Position AMR Corporation is a group of companies operating in the aviation sector.This corporation has two airline subsidiaries, which are American Airlines and AMR Eagle Holding Corporation. These two subsidiaries have various divisions. The key person in this Corporation is Thomas W. Horton who is both the president and the CEO. AMR Corporation is a public companythat offers transportation services majoring in airline services. It has very high operating cost and net income that results to high total income. It has a property in London as well as other places.Previously it has acquired several certificated airline holdings to expand its operations. Moreover, being a public organization it has several stakeholders like employees, shareholder, passengers, NGOs and government bodies (American Airline 2012). Vision Statement The Vision of AMR Corporation is to have a sustainable future where it could minimize its operation cost, while maintaining high quality and reliable services to its customers and at the same time offer good working environment for employees. Mission statement Providing exceptional services and amenities in order to provide an enjoyable, comfortable and convenient experience on our airline (American Airline 2012) Mission statement of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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