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INTERNSHIP REPORT: Reflective Account of Learning and Personal Development - Essay Example

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Internship Report BY YOU INTERNSHIP REPORT: Section One – Reflective Account of Learning and Personal Development 1. Background This report highlights knowledge in relation to personal experience during internship as an assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of AG…
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INTERNSHIP REPORT: Reflective Account of Learning and Personal Development
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Formal and Informal Learning During the internship, the intern was able to experience a variety of different management and leadership styles that were innovative and those that also fit within theoretical frameworks of management; as taught by academics. Learning occurred as a product of reviewing theoretical management and leadership models and then comparing these to situations and activities that occurred while working with a very diverse group of management professionals in the highest hierarchy of control and executive privilege. The CEO was a dynamic individual who maintained the classical characteristics of transactional leadership style when working with junior managers as well as executive subordinates. Learning occurred as a product of direct observation and comparative cross-checking with existing leadership and management models. Transactional leadership, by academic definition, is compared to an exchange-relationship model whereby performance is measured and rewards are granted based on employee outcome and goal-attainment (Center for Creative Leadership 2012). Transactional managers tend to dictate a specific goal requiring employee attention, then measure performance, and determine the level of reward earned based on cooperation, action and success in the task. When dealing with junior executives and middle managers, transactional leadership maintained very positive outcomes. ...
In order to emphasize, it is important to first understand the concept of more liberal management styles that involve aspects of feedback generation and relationship development. As a transactional manager, the CEO found that overall performance associated with a specific task did not always achieve results, even though bonuses and other rewards were attached to certain tasks dictated. What, then, was the problem with transactional leadership style as related to this German CEO? A respected model of management that has been statistically known to gain more positive long-term results is transformational leadership. This model states that a leader within the organisation must be dynamic and function much like a human resources manager with a focus on relationship development. A transformational leader is one who engages with subordinates often on an interpersonal level, utilises finesse and charisma, and must be “visionary, a teacher, an informer, and an inspirer” (Carlzon 1987, p.5). Under other models, those in agreement with Carlzon’s view, must be respected, trusted, and maintain the role of an outward role model by exemplifying the values and mission of the organisation (Hall, Johnson, Wysocki and Kepner 2000). This type of leader inspires hope, energy and optimism with employees and assists, using personality and charisma, to renew their loyalty and commitment to the organisation and the achievement of goals (Leithwood and Poplin 1992). The German CEO maintained considerable power distance from junior executives and middle managers, therefore there was a disconnect between maintaining a more transformational role and that of the transactional manager. Even though, as previously identified, there was respect for the CEO, the elements of interpersonal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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