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Volunteering is an integral and essential part of the contemporary society. For instance, the work done by over 20,000,000 million volunteers in England each year makes much difference to individual lives, communities and the society in general in various aspects. …
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Download file to see previous pages Voluntarism is characterized by 3 core principles: that is unpaid; benefit to others; and volunteer’s own free will. It is worth noting that volunteering is regarded a diverse concept due to its participants, activities and outcomes. In this regard, the concept of volunteering should not just be limited to formal contexts, such as volunteering in an organization, but rather should put into consideration more informal activities and one off-acts (Rochester et al., 2010, p.17).
The concept of volunteering is based on the concepts of; work, philanthropy, leisure, participation, activism, care and learning (Rochester, 2006, p.11). Voluntarism is used by interns to add value and strengthen their skills for the challenges in their fields of study (Perlin, 2012, p.119, Oldman et al., 2003, p.25). According to NCVO (National Centre for Volunteering, 1998, p15) voluntarism must be a two-way relationship with no unpaid internship in charities. A role should always either be a paid one or a proper volunteer role as pointed out by the NCVO.
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