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Intranship - Essay Example

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Internship is an opportunity in which a student is exposed to work environments in order to facilitate integration of the student’s skills with relevant professional environment. This paper presents my internship report on accounting and marketing.
I achieved the objective,…
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Extract of sample "Intranship"

Internship Internship is an opportunity in which a is exposed to work environments in order to facilitate integration of the skillswith relevant professional environment. This paper presents my internship report on accounting and marketing.
Learning objective one
The internship aimed at developing expertise in the professional scopes of accounting.
Achievement of the objective
I achieved the objective, as the organization was effective in exposing me to its working environment. My scope of work for example involved financial accounting processes with duties to observe accounting standards and legal provisions.
My objectives
My personal objective was to achieve ‘self-acquaintance’ in application of financial accounting knowledge in the job market. This included developing competence in collecting, recording, categorizing and analyzing an organization’s financial information for communication to relevant stakeholders to aid informed ‘decision-making’. I completed my objective through active involvement in the organization’s accounting department where I assisted in making journal entries, transferring the information into ledger accounts, preparing financial statements, and analyzing the organization’s financial position. I also achieved my objective by being disciplined to the accounting department and allowing myself to be professionally influenced by the employees (Kumar, p. 69- 72).
Demonstrated skills
I developed a variety of skills for accountancy. I gained proficiency in completing books of accounts, preparing financial statements and communication skills. I also developed positive interpersonal relationship traits as facilitated by the organization ethical culture that is entrenched in internal code of ethics provisions (Kumar, p. 69- 72).
The objective’s benefit to the organization
The organization derived many benefits from the pursuit of my objective. It received additional workforce that relieved some of its accountants of some duties. As a result, the relieved personnel specialized in analytical review of the organization’s performance for efficiency (Kumar, p. 69- 72).
Learning objective two
My second learning objective during the internship was to develop an understanding of the scope of marketing and its environment.
Accomplishment of the objective
I was able to complete the objective through adequate exposure to marketing environment and techniques.
My objective and its completion
My objective was to gain expertise in application of marketing techniques for a ‘high-level’ competence. This included developing competence in “product, place, price, and promotion” aspects and the ability to manage environmental factors such as “political and legal, economic, cultural, social and natural environment” (McKinlay and O’Connor, p. 29). I similarly completed my objective through active involvement in the organization marketing activities by working closely with marketing argents by attending to their needs and accompanying them in their assignments. My level of commitment to and dependence on the experts therefore facilitated achievement of my objective (McKinlay and O’Connor, p. 29).
Developed skills
Through my involvement with the marketing department, I was able to develop analytical skills on the essentials of effective marketing. I for example developed the capacity to regress consumers’ perceived value on a product, based on market’s environmental factors, and price for effective pricing and marketing (McKinlay and O’Connor, p. 29).
Benefits of the objectives to the organization
The organization benefited from additional personnel force to its team that was significantly overwhelmed. It also derived economic benefits from my services that were not rewarded at the same rate as the employees. This is because its understaffing required additional staffing that could have been done at a higher cost to make my input to the organization (McKinlay and O’Connor, p. 29).
Works cited
Kumar, Anil. Entrepreneurship development. New Delhi, India: New Age International, 2008. Print
McKinlay, Irma, and O’Connor, Maria. Marketing. Cape Town, South Africa: Pearson South Africa, 2007 Read More
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