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MA: Job Packet - Essay Example

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IBM offers internship to university students and this opening is not specific to what particular course. This makes a wonderful opportunity for motivated students like me to take advantage of the opening to put my foot…
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MA: Job Packet
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Download file to see previous pages Participating students are often considered for repeat internships or a long-term commitment of regular employment making it an excellent opportunity for me to apply even without solid experience in the corporate world.
IBM did not specify the list of qualifications required for internship. They hired both undergraduate and graduate students in their internship and co-op programs. IBM instead develop their own candidates to become suited for their organization which makes me interested to apply.
IBM or International Business Machine is an American multinational consulting and technology company that manufacture and market computer hardware and software. Its product lines include computers to nanotechnology and is number 2 largest US firm in 2012
My strategy in applying for IBM is to show them my potential as a would be professional. I may not be the brightest student but I would show them that I have leadership skills, that I could work well with others and that I could easily adapt in any situation in addition to being trainable. Employers now are more particular in these “soft skills” knowing that modern companies are more collaborative in nature. In addition, I would show them how much I wanted to work in a prestigious company such as IBM letting them know that I am going to stay with their company for the long run to build my career.
My name is Yanyu Zhou and I am already in my third year in college in Pennsylvania State University taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management. I have a cumulate GPA of 3.50 and was among the academic honorees in the SY 2014. I have been active in our university clubs such as honor society and diversity club. I can easily adapt to any work situation and particularly enjoy working with people.
I also have work experience as an Assistant Diner Manager and Diner Supervisor at Hershey, Pennsylvania. My responsibilities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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