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It creates a personal area network just for the individual’s cell and it can be used with a wireless Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth technology can also be used with…
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Bluetooth technology
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Download file to see previous pages Bluetooth is another way of transmitting signals from a device to another without the use of wires. Hence, Bluetooth is used as an open wireless protocol in the exchange of data over small distances, from fixed and mobile resources and creating personal area network.
Bluetooth can link numerous devices as it can overcome difficulties associated with synchronization. Bluetooth technology signals pass through walls, doors, windows and it can reach many wireless devices connected to it provided they are on its way of travel. It is also used in internet sharing in a case where both devices are Bluetooth installed. In order to make use of Bluetooth technology one has to ensure that Bluetooth is running and this is indicated by an icon that appears on the system tray. In most Windows operators, it is found in the control panel.
There are various ways in which electronic devices with Bluetooth technology can be linked to one another. This can occur with component cables, Ethernet cables, infrared signals, Wi-Fi and electrical cables. Bluetooth networking technology transfers data using low power radio waves. It usually communicates on a frequency, which is approximately 2.45 gigahertz according to Palanivelu/nakkeeran (78). This frequency has been agreed on internationally for the purpose of industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) devices use. Various devices have been able to make use of this radio frequency band.
Bluetooth is able to support data speeds of approximately 721 Kbps and three voice channels at the same time. The modules of Bluetooth can be built into the electronic devices or it can be used as an adaptor. For instance in the case of a personal computer they can be inbuilt as a PC card or attached externally through the USB port. Each device has possessed a unique 48-bit address, which is given by the IEEE 802 standard whereby the connection ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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