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The Viability of the Current Organizational Structure of the Company Aquarius Advertising Agency - Case Study Example

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The paper "The Viability of the Current Organizational Structure of the Company Aquarius Advertising Agency" highlights that the organization should work towards an open culture where the employees start to replace confrontational attitudes with those of consideration and care for each other. …
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The Viability of the Current Organizational Structure of the Company Aquarius Advertising Agency
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Extract of sample "The Viability of the Current Organizational Structure of the Company Aquarius Advertising Agency"

Download file to see previous pages Presently, the company is running under the tall structure of organizational hierarchy. According to this structure, there are three comprehensive departments such as marketing, Operations and Accounts. These major departments are supported by 2 one men departments that are, Human Resource and Finance. This structure was the best fit for the organization previously since it created provision for specialized tasks, well-defined guidelines for the employees, the proper job description for each employee and a high power distance. Due to the present tall organizational structure, there are few teams in the company and functions are characterized by centralized decision-making procedures. These features of the organizational structure enable higher management to wield power and take decisions in the most professional and judicious way (Daft, 1991). However, the present system is also creating a big cloud of problems as the clientele gets involved and communication gaps begin to widen up. The miscommunication between the cross-functional supervisors due to mismanaged communication networks has led to employees being constantly disgruntled by the current functioning of the organization. It is quite evident that the account executive is fed up of the constant direct communications between the clients and the specialists like those of marketing and operations. These direct meetings between the clients and the organizational specialists led these employees to trespass their domains of authority and make decisions without consulting their executives. Since this phenomenon is not considered appropriate under the implemented organizational structure, this created serious problems in the value chain of the company and in the coordination in the business functions. This not only perturbs the organizational setting but also hurts the company reputation as the customers are unable to receive their desired value on time (Daft, 2003).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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