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Aquarius Advertising Agency - Article Example

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At present Aquarius Ad Agency has a functional departmentalization. It is also multi-divisional. The structure works but some departments tend to overlap with each other, and the specialists also tend to work individually and act like they represent the company…
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Aquarius Advertising Agency
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Extract of sample "Aquarius Advertising Agency"

Download file to see previous pages This is because the Accounts Department is a separate department which does not have direct control over the other departments. The specialists independently communicate and make their own recommendations to the clients.
Aquarius' departments and the personnel working in these departments - the specialists - are not working as a team, they are competing with one another. The account executives can not impose their will upon the specialists, and are not informed of the progress and details of the business products or transactions, whether the contract is done or already terminated. With the changes in environment and mode of behavior of the clients, it is already too late of the account executive and the management to know that they have lost the contract.
A. In the new organizational chart created for this paper, the Accounts Vice President portfolio is eliminated to avoid overlapping of functions. Streamlining is essential. Some departments have to go, others have to be created. The account executives will work under the Vice Presidents for Operations and Marketing, and will have direct supervision over the different departments/divisions under these two Vice Presidents. This is to ensure that department specialists working for various clients will have to report first to the account executives before they go to the clients. ...
Q. What kind of departmentalization is appropriate here
A. It is still functional but effective and well defined.
Q. What are the present functions of the account executives with respect to the Aquarius specialists
A. The account executives will now have more power than their previous positions because they will be working in the same department. Like for example, the TV/Radio Production Department, the account executive for this department will be working directly and have direct supervision over the specialists in this department. The liaison officer will be well knowledgeable of everything inside the department.
Q. Why is this structure more effective than the previous one
A. This is more defined and effective in the sense that the whole department may have to work as a team. Suggestions, conclusions, problems and all other recommendations will be sorted out inside before it goes to the clients. Account Executives will be working inside the department concerned. No contract will be wasted. Success is within grasp.
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Aquarius Advertising Agency Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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