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The Development and Applications of Short Tandem Loci in DNA Tests - Essay Example

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This paper "The Development and Applications of Short Tandem Loci in DNA Tests" focuses on the evolution of DNA applications in making absolute identifications on human beings has come a long way to develop into advanced stages that can provide adequate information. …
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The Development and Applications of Short Tandem Loci in DNA Tests
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Extract of sample "The Development and Applications of Short Tandem Loci in DNA Tests"

Download file to see previous pages Many people across the globe have received fair justice by easily comparing their DNA samples with that of their relatives involved in different disastrous events such as those mentioned. Such mass fatal incidents can lead to various disputes among different people should the process of identification not be handled accurately and with a lot of expertise. Disasters such as fire tragedies involving many people often cause serious body disintegration of those involved in such ordeals. These often cause gross challenges in the process of identification and mars forensic enquiries over the same (Drabek et a.,2004). In situations such as these, the extent of complexity in the process of identifying these concerned bodies lies on the extent of dilapidation caused on the bodies.
Besides, in such cases (Graham, 2006), only a few bodies’ fragments are recovered from such happenings making it further difficult for the investigators to try and find out the various persons involved in the ordeal. Moreover, in certain cases, the recovered body fragments tend to be very much fragmented to the extent that their identification using the traditional methods yields no fruit. Under such circumstances, historical methods of identification such as visual identification procedures may not yield much to the success of the entire process. Other identification procedures adopted of late such as fingerprints records/ match dental/ the use of X-ray techniques (Hill et al., 2008) among other tend to yield not many fruits under such circumstances resulting into many confusing results hence conflicts (Krenke et al., 2002). The discovery of DNA applications has proved these beneficial to conduct these affairs making the process cheap and reliable as compared to the others. Based on this reason, this paper aims at justifying the reliability on the development and applications of Short Tandem Loci (STR) KITS to generate DNA profile from highly degraded and compromised samples resulting from the mass disaster.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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