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Fortunately, I am safe, and there were no casualties in the accident. It happened that I was late for my biology midterm and as I was texting my friend about it while driving, I lost focus on the road. I then…
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Short Assignment 2
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Sur Scenario Dear grandmother, I am sorry to inform you that I got an accident on my way to school. Fortunately, I am safe, and there were no casualties in the accident. It happened that I was late for my biology midterm and as I was texting my friend about it while driving, I lost focus on the road. I then run through a red light and hit another car. Both cars were damaged. The police took over the case and the insurance company was notified immediately. Both cars were then towed for repair.
Once again I am very sorry grandma; I promise that this will not happen again. I will make a follow-up on the repair and inform you on the progress once I am done with my biology mid-term and crucial activities in school today. I thank you for your love, trust and kindness. You have always been supportive throughout my life. This time, I know I rely messed, but it is a lesson to me to always stay keen on the road. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.
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