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Childhood Development Health - Assignment Example

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This essay discusses foundations of childhood developmental health. So three-year-olds also portray certain social and emotional milestones. They do imitate the behaviors of other people, especially adults. Lastly, three-year-olds are enthusiastic about the company of others…
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Childhood Development Health
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Download file to see previous pages After some time, he hears a dog barking. He abandons the toy and runs outside to see what the matter is.
The boy comes back to the sitting room. He turns on the TV. He knows the specific buttons on the complicated TV remote. He changes the station to find a cartoon program. He enjoys the program so much. He even knows the actors by name. He tries to predict what is going to happen next.
The mother calls the boy from upstairs. He responds “Yes, mom” and rushes up the stairs at maximum speed. Unfortunately, he trips. This time he injures himself badly. He lets out a loud cry as the mother comes to rescue him. However, seems like the boy is used to such accidents. They go upstairs and take about five minutes. They come down to the sitting room.
The boy had changed attires. He admires the new top. The mother just bought it the other day. The boy goes to the mirror. He is so pleased with the new shirt. He thanks his mom for it and kisses her cheek.
The boy gets back to the cartoons. After a short time, the doorbell rings. It is the daddy. This time around the boy goes for the door himself. The knob is too high for him, but he struggles until he gets it. Daddy comes in as the boy jumps to daddy’s shoulder. He is so much in love with daddy that daddy calls him “My brave boy!”
He is quick to tell daddy that a visitor has come to do her homework in his study table. Daddy already knew I would be coming. He does not disturb my progress. He simply waves, and I wave back. The boy abandons the mother’s snack and curiously reaches for daddy’s basket to get the new snacks. He finds quite a number but prefers the chocolate first.
At three years of age, a child exhibits certain development milestones. As far as physical development is concerned, the child’s movement is an indicator. Three-year-olds walk alone without assistance (Gomez, 2011).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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