Analysis of the Story People in the Parisian Migrant Slum - Assignment Example

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This essay "Analysis of the Story People in the Parisian Migrant Slum" discusses the story with two types of settings: physical and chronological. The physical setting shows where the story is taking place while chronological answers the question “when?” is the story told…
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Analysis of the Story People in the Parisian Migrant Slum
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Download file to see previous pages The author’s choice of where and when is the story told is a very essential element in writing. Characterization is another significant element since it helps the reader to understand the types of individuals are the major characters. This fictitious story is great since it helps the reader understand the author’s brilliance in the characterization of Momo or Mohammed, Madame Rosa, Monsieur Hamil, and all of the other children neighbors in the Parisian migrant slum. These characters make the reader want to know what happens next in the story, this is important. The author creates a real-life situation since we are capable of evaluating the characters in relation to what they say, do, and what others say about other characters.
In short, a fiction writer employs various fiction elements such as character, theme, setting, plot, the point of view, and numerous kinds of imagery and idioms in developing the artistic effect in the narrative. The above-mentioned forms of fiction are called formal elements in literature. A proper understanding concerning the reserved elements is likely to boost the reader’s gratitude for any piece of fiction. These elements of fiction are very significant in improving the readers’ ability to share perceptions with others who have not read the novel. For example, the concept of the setting of this novel helps a reader to recognize and discuss the significance of mother. The setting and proper plotting make the reader wear the shoes of Momo and other children and feel the impact of never seeing one's parents. While the list of fiction elements encourages us to divide a story into parts, the elements also help in blending the story to create a whole. Yet, understanding the elements of fiction is very essential for most decisive discussions of fiction.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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