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Migrant labors workers abuse - Essay Example

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Examples are particularly drawn from United Arab Emirates because it has recently undergone significant development with respect to infrastructure while…
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Migrant labors workers abuse
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Download file to see previous pages The most astonishing part is that these workers usually belong to poor countries of the world. They migrate in order to identify better working opportunities. But usually what the find is extreme hard work without full compensation of their struggles. This subsequently raises a question that why migrant labor workers rights are abused? Here, it will be argued that the primary reason for such massive mistreatment is the workers association with poor and under developed countries.
The UAE’s construction boom which was started in early 2000 was a huge source of recruitment for labor workers from all over the world and specifically from poor countries. It was reported that more than 500,000 labor workers employed by different construction companies were migrants from countries such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Moreover, the country’s 95% workforce constituted of these migrant workers. It is a harsh reality that the huge towers of UAE are actually built while sacrificing the rights of thousands of poor people (UAE: Workers Abused in Construction Boom, 2006).
One of the major construction projects undergoing in UAE is Saadiyat Island. This project is owned by UAE’s Tourists Development and Investment Company (TDIC). International news agencies have observed that the company is not abiding by its own employment rules and regulations. Hence majority of its workers are actually living and working in extreme conditions. On the other hand if they try to take action then company expels them out. The situation is even worse at the building site of New York University’s campus in UAE (Batty, 2013). It has been identified that the construction companies are actually confiscating the migrant workers passports while reducing their chances to move out of UAE. Moreover, TDIC pledged to provide accommodation to its workers in Saadiyat’s village but the labor workers are living in inferior conditions in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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