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Labor Market Effects of Immigrants in UAE - Essay Example

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United Arab Emirates receive thousands of immigrants annually. In this paper, analysis of immigrants in the UAE will be conducted, specifically on the effects of immigration on the UAE labor market. The paper starts with statistical acknowledgement of immigrants within the UAE population. …
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Labor Market Effects of Immigrants in UAE
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Download file to see previous pages This essay declares that statistical figures and theoretical statements are used in establishing the relationship between immigrants and labor market in the United Arab Emirates. A personal account of the positive and negative impacts of immigrants in the nation’s labor market is provided.
This pape makes a conclusion that immigration, which entails moving into a new country with the sole purpose of setting up permanent residence, affects the economy. For illustration purpose, the movement of Europeans from Britain, Italy and Spain into America was the largest form of immigration in human history. Despite having citizenship in their native countries, European settlers moved into America with the sole purpose of establishing permanent residence in the new nation. Presently, immigration still occurs. Middle East nations like the United Arab Emirates receive thousands of immigrants annually from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh among other countries. Some of these immigrants have legal status, which means they have been cleared to enter and reside in the UAE awaiting citizenship. However, others are illegal immigrants entering the nation without receiving clearance from relevant authorities. Of all the Middle East nations, the United Arab Emirates receives the largest number of immigrants. Based on UN statistics, 43% of immigrants in the Middle East reside in the UAE, while the remaining percentage is evenly distributed among nations like Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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