My autobiography: using hardships as stepping stones to future success - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay "My autobiography: using hardships as stepping stones to future success" analyses own autobiography from the point of view of leadership if we develop strong traits and stress coping strategies in our childhood, then, we are investing for strong personality in life ahead…
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My autobiography: using hardships as stepping stones to future success
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Download file to see previous pages Chemers (1997) defines leadership as, “a process of social influence.” According to this definition of leadership, it can be judged that becoming a leader is a matter of continuous learning and consciousness. While describing the theory of leadership, Tarryn Wallace explains different steps as of how to be an effective leader? First of all, a person with leadership traits always judges his/ her talents. He improves his talents and applies them to make a difference in life. It is also essential to think about issues in a broader sense- to have a careful look for the needs and conflicts that need to be addressed. However, that does not mean that the solutions are always cutting or creative; sometimes they are the simplest ones but only require careful consideration. So, this can simply mean that leadership requires the expansion of human sense towards realization process. The second step towards effective leadership is the capability of thinking deeper and bigger. Trying to find out the root of the evil is the first step towards problem-solving strategy. However, it is a fact that sometimes the bigger problems may require group efforts and this makes the point where your role as an effective leader comes forward. Next, to this, a leader must be proactive in his approach and vision. Based on the realization of bigger issues, he should have an ability to predict the aftermaths. So, instead of sitting quiet and waiting for the things to appear, he should take steps to go further to prevent the root cause. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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