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This essay declares that one of the most influential works penned by Shirley Sterling is her semi-autobiographical novel named ‘My Name is Seepeetza’. Even though the novel is classified under children’s literature, it is also studied at the undergraduate as well as graduate literature course levels…
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My Name is Seepeetza by Shirley Sterling
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Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that the story actually offers a detailed insight into the residential school system, which existed during the time, but more importantly, it highlights the subversive strength of the protagonist to face and overcome challenging situations in life.
As the essay highlights the author on a subtle note tries to provide the readers with an understanding of the issues and problems faced by her generation, but on the deeper side, she equips them with the power to face such situations and voice their thoughts without fear. The author’s ability to do so becomes evident from how a sixth grader overcomes situations of bullying, persecution, loneliness and terror. On the other hand, her positive attitude towards life becomes manifest when she demonstrates the capability to live another day with the sweet memories of her family. Literature also serves the purpose of providing readers with an opportunity to understand historical accounts through the perspective of different characters, the way they lived and the experiences in their lives. Seepeetza’s story is such an account, which offers the readers a detailed insight into the issues and hardships that an aboriginal girl faces in the residential school, and how she pulls through all of it with her resolute willpower. She also firmly believes that no matter if her name, clothes and other things that remind her of her family are taken away, she still has her memories and deep rooted tradition that simply cannot be extricated from her. Sterling provides various instances starting from the beginning of the story, which showcases how Seepeetza fights back throughout her stay at the residential school and overcomes the oppressive authoritarian system as well as the racist evils of the school. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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