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Jacqueline Kennedy as a Writer - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on Jacqueline Kennedy as a writer. However, her life as the publicist was all but outspoken and pronounced through her work, her colleagues and her authors. She cultured and seasoned into published books between 1975 and 1994…
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Jacqueline Kennedy as a Writer
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Extract of sample "Jacqueline Kennedy as a Writer"

Download file to see previous pages Most of Jacqueline Kennedy's colleagues believe that books she was editing and publishing shared her unwritten autobiography reflecting on themes and encounters in her life. She edited close to a hundred books in her career as an editor. Historians agree that in this phase of her life she was independent of men and learned to make it on her own embarking on her editing career after twenty-two years without employment. Her husbands had both died and her children were busy at school. In the weeks near her death, she read the manuscript, edited the book and sent a fax to the author detailing suggestions to be edited and possible direction for the conclusion. She did this despite her poor health and grave illness (Spoto 24).
Jacqueline Kennedy was born Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in July 1929. She attended the George Washington University, where she graduated in 1951. Soon after graduation, she was employed as a photo-journalist by the Washington Times Herald. She married John F. Kennedy, a senator who became United States president in 1961. Andersen affirms that “After the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, she vacated the white house and moved with her children (Caroline and John Jr.) to New York” (2). After a period of mourning and notable absence from the public scene, she married A Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis in 1968, who had a son, from a previous marriage, named Alexander. In 1973 his son was killed in a tragic plane crash. Months of depression led to deteriorating health and Aristotle succumbed to his ill health in 1975. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a widow for the second time. She moved permanently to New York and sought employment in publishing as an escape from the ill-fated turn of events in her life. Her career choice was in synchronization with her passion and enjoyment of literature and undergraduate major (French Literature). Her children were old enough and therefore required less attention and time demand. Jacqueline could accord more time to her work. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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