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The Civil Rights Movement in Alabama in the 1960s - Term Paper Example

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This paper looks into how the Civil Rights Movement affected African American lives in Alabama, the USA in the 1960s. Alabama was a state that was subject to constant racial inequality and segregation. In the early 1960s, there were bombings of African American churches in Birmingham. …
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The Civil Rights Movement in Alabama in the 1960s
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Extract of sample "The Civil Rights Movement in Alabama in the 1960s"

Download file to see previous pages In the 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement came into full effect and became a restructuring pressure group whose main agenda was to ensure racial prejudice against African Americans was banned (Thrasher 84). The movement wanted to reinstate segregation bylaws in the southern states and the restoration of African Americans' humanitarian rights. It advocated for the termination of legal discrimination in housing, the education system and the rights of blacks to secure employment. It saw a lot of demonstrations held and a lot of African Americans boycotting daily activities. Alabama State in the south was a place where segregation was custom. 

This fuelled rage among the African Americans since the police administration did not do anything to arrest the culprits of these acts of violence. Activists were enraged since the churches were a meeting point for them to develop strategies for the Civil Movement. These intolerable acts saw civil rights activists such as Fred Shuttleworth, Frank Duke, and Martin Luther King, Jr., be at the forefront of pushing for reforms. They opted for boycotts and demonstrations as a form of protests. They gathered masses through the formation of movements such as Shuttleworth’s Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights, Duke’s Anti-Justice Committee, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. There was a vast array of methodologies that were put forward by the Civil Rights Movement that came and bore little fruit in the early 1960s. Alabama had a past that was characterized by undemocratic practices were the African Americans were unequally treated as opposed to the whites and were economically taken advantage of while also being politically oppressed. This Civil Rights Moments sort the liberation of these forms of oppression. They faced many challenges that were discouraging time and time again while trying to voice their cry but were persistent.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Civil Rights Movement in Alabama in the 1960s Term Paper.
(The Civil Rights Movement in Alabama in the 1960s Term Paper)
The Civil Rights Movement in Alabama in the 1960s Term Paper.
“The Civil Rights Movement in Alabama in the 1960s Term Paper”.
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