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Effective writing is an important tool of expression that bridges the writer to the readers. This paper aims to analyze Rolly Pelovangu’s essay about John F. Kennedy Inauguration Speech which was written in a formal manner which avoided the use of contractions…
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Kennedys Inaugural speech
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Kennedy’s Inaugural speech
Effective writing is an important tool of expression that bridges the writer to the readers. Thus, making an effective writing piece is very important. In this account, an analysis on one of the essays—Rolly Pelovangu’s—about Kennedy’s Inaugural speech is being presented whether it followed the appropriate guidelines in making an effective piece. The other essay that this account also used was that of Jams Tipton.
On the first analysis, there are reasons that could account on why some writers repeat key phrases throughout their writing pieces. One reason is to make their pieces coherent (Hobbs qtd. in Pennock 29). Repeating the use of keywords in an essay is an important means to strengthen its transitions, “various devices that help readers along through a document” (“Online Technical”), which are important components of an effective writing piece. On the grounds of its effectiveness, repetition is an effective factor for both comprehension and persuasion, on the part of the readers (Sumerset). However, such effectiveness is arbitrary due to the reason that if not used intentionally, such repetition could eventually frustrate the piece’s coherence (Lybbert and Cummings 35).
In Rolly Pelovangu’s essay “John F. Kennedy Inauguration Speech,” it was written in a formal manner that it is more objective, which avoided the use of contractions (“Writing Styles”). In addition, the essay was more of a persuasive essay which posited the author’s emotions and which formality was appropriate for the purpose of persuasion, as it was said to be the goal of any persuasive essay (“Writing Styles”).
Hence, prior to Kennedy’s Inauguration speech which is a political matter, persuasive essays are likely to be developed and formality is also a distinguishing feature.
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