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How to be a pilot - Speech or Presentation Example

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Introduction: Within the United States there is a clear and definitive way to acquiring a silence for piloting a private aircraft. Even though most private aircrafts are quite small, a private aircraft in and of itself may be quite large and would require a different type of license as compared to a much smaller craft…
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How to be a pilot
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Download file to see previous pages Student Pilot: a person who learns how to fly under the direct supervision of another pilot (Hurst, 2013). Sport Pilot: a person who is only allowed to fly “light sport aircraft” Recreational Pilot: a person who is only allowed to fly aircraft of up to 180 horsepower and up to 4 seats. Such pilots are only allowed to fly during daylight hours unless unaccompanied by another certified pilot (Bjerke & Malott, 2011). Finally, a private pilot is the stage just before commercial pilot in which an individual is allowed to fly aircraft of over 4 seats and including engines much more powerful than 180 horsepower. However, in this stage, the pilot is still not allowed to accept any form of compensation for their services; thereby creating a type of restriction for the final stage of aircraft pilots; the commercial airline pilot. Each successive level of qualification allows for an individual pilot to accrue further hours and gain the skills necessary to become a more well trained pilot prior to moving on to the next stage of training and certification. The process of becoming a private pilot does not necessarily mean that the individual learner is somehow constrained to flying small planes. Rather, the private pilot certification allows for an individual to fly any plane regardless of size and regardless of the overall number of passengers that it is capable of carrying. The only restriction comes with regards to the fact that such a pilot is not able to accrue any level of profit from this activity; thereby increasing the need for further certification in order to ensure that the commercial airline pilot is as well trained and fully nuanced in the art of air travel as is possible. Naturally, any of these training mechanisms in and of themselves does not guarantee a particular result. Rather, they are intended as a means of successive levels to ensure that the individual pilot has completed the necessary training and is fully capable of ensuring that the needs of their crew and passengers are met Beyond the main classifications that have thus far been discussed, flight training and certification also hinges upon instrumentation certification and types of aircraft certification. These exist due to the vast differentials in knowledge that are required to adequately fly many of the technologically advanced aircraft within the current market. Whereas in years past it may have been simple to attain a level of flight certification and instrumentation/aircraft knowledge, the current era is one in which many different aircraft are produced around the globe and something of an innate lack of standardization exists. As a direct function of this, it is necessary for individuals to ensure that they are certified in the type of aircraft they will be flying and have had a level of experience with regards to reading and deciphering the instrumentation panels that these different aircraft represent. In addition to these requirements that have been discussed, pilots are also required to engage in regular knowledge tests that prove the current validity of the skill sets they have learned in the past. By engaging in such ongoing training, the FAA and other administrative bodies are able to regulate and manage those individuals that continue to possess pilot’s licenses. Moreover, within the process of gaining such certifications, hands on flight training is only one aspect of the process. As such, the individual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How to Be a Pilot Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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