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The Use Of Arched And Vaulted Forms In Architecture Has Occasioned The Development - Essay Example

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Name Name of Professor Subject Date Architecture History Architecture and technology developed as society continued its path to progress. This paper aims to assess how the arches and vaults, a specific architectural design, developed as time progressed in relation with the materials used in an analytical, critical and theoretical manner…
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The Use Of Arched And Vaulted Forms In Architecture Has Occasioned The Development
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"The Use Of Arched And Vaulted Forms In Architecture Has Occasioned The Development"

Download file to see previous pages The iconic architectural figure of this time is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Craven, 2003). Analysing the design of the hanging gardens, the material used to construct the building mainly consists of bricks piled up all together; forming a relatively quadrilateral form of figure. Arches can be seen in the gates of it. At the same time, it can be considered that the vaults are still not existent. Regular ceilings have been common for this kind of design. Nevertheless, one cannot deny that the Near East architecture, as exemplified by the Hanging Gardens, can be considered to be one of the foundations of developments in architecture. Egypt has been commonly known as one of the most powerful empires back then and almost started in the same way as the civilizations that boomed in the Fertile Crescent. In Egypt, during the flourish of its civilization, they have been able to develop architectural style of their own. One of the key architectural edifices that have used vaults is the Tomb of Amenemhet in Bani Hasan in Middle Egypt (Bleiberg 2005, p. 43). This is where the architraves are used to show vaults and arches inside the mausoleum of the king’s deathbed (Bleiberg 2005, p. 43). However, one cannot disregard the pyramids even if they have not been design arches. Simple technology is present for the Egyptians during the time that they have initiated the construction of these architectural edifices (Bleiberg 2005, p. 6). Given the same technological condition, the Egyptians are still using rocks formed in a quadrilateral shape and piled up altogether to create an architectural complex. It can be inferred that same building technology and material sources can be found in the two architectural timeframes. Ancient European Architecture is where the Classical Age of architecture boomed as stylistic standards have changed due to possible strong socio – political structure of the societies that promulgated the said art forms. This period is considered to be one that is rich when it comes to development because of the pattern developed during the timeframe of this period. This period encompasses several architectural traditions and designs. This part of the paper shall focus on the following architectural conventions which includes the Greek Order of Architecture, the Early and Imperial Roman Architecture, the Byzantine, and the Romanesque Architecture styles. This is where the Classical Architecture plays a crucial role in the development of designs. There are Greek orders when it comes to the design of the columns for the temples structured for their deities. Doric columnar is the simplest of the forms and emerged as the first and basic form of design (Evans 2005, p. 5). The Ionic became the second one that focuses on ornamentations with the columnar while the Corinthian is last level of design the ornamentations are more elaborate, encompassing almost the Hellenistic period of Greece (Evans 2005, p. 5). During this period, not much concern can be placed on the use of arches but the roofing is designed accordingly to perfection. In terms of materials, marble and sandstones replaced the rocky structures that the two aforementioned architectural styles. At the same time, Hellenic and Hellenistic Architecture differs in terms of the ornamentation and style. It can be considered that Hellenic has been focused on a form while Hellenistic is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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