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Architecture advancements - Research Paper Example

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Architectural Achievements of Rome Tutor Institution Date The architecture of ancient roman has formed a strong foundation for architectural designs and styles that are commonly used in modern day architecture. One of the most famous and recognized achievements of roman civilization is the Roman architecture, and even in the modern city of Rome, there are still some ancient monuments (McGeough, 2009)…
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Architecture advancements
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"Architecture advancements"

Download file to see previous pages The Romans had great architects who created admirable and great monuments and buildings located all over the Roman Empire. Primarily, Romans adopted the Etruscan arch as practical architectural devices, and secondly, they constructed aqueducts from these arches. More so, they made cement so as to effectively use these architectural devices. This way, they were able to use these architectural devices in a useful and productive manner. Furthermore, Romans established many beautiful buildings for themselves. Architectural works had been part of the Roman Empire, but with time, Rome architects became more skilled and so, architect evolved to be a profession. This paper provides an explanation of some of the architectural achievement in Rome, noting the developments of arch, aqueducts, and dome among others. The advancement of art work in Rome was to a larger extended developed from Romans predecessors the Etruscans and others. However, most borrowed artistic forms were expressed in their practical dominating spirit (Anderson, 2012). Notably, architecture has been the success of ancient Romans, for instance, Romans were the first people to make of architecture in handling various problems such as infrastructure and urban management among others (Garwood and Blasi, 2012). Due to the popularity of architectural works, architects and engineers advanced their skills and became the designers of great buildings, temples, bridges, imperial palaces, water supply systems, and churches among others. Therefore, Romans modified the techniques that were initially developed by Etruscans and the Greeks so as to allow their architects construct these great infrastructures (Garwood and Blasi, 2012). According, Romans modified the dome, vaults and arches which played a fundamental role in building palaces, aqueducts, public buildings and baths, and theaters among others (Hitchens and Roupp, 2001). Romans adopted architectural features particularly of the arch from the Etruscans, and they also used classical orders of the Greek temple to construct many temples, but they modified these features to come up with a very unique architectural style (Dierckx and ‘Mark Twain Media’, 2012). Arguably, the Romans learned from the Etruscans on how to construct round arches, but they created new and better ways to modify the arch to a barrel vault together with two arches at right angles to each other (Hitchens and Roupp, 2001). The arch was modified by the Romans and was used to support extra structure for building, and typically, this arch was constructed out of concrete, brick as well as stone. The Romans designed the Etruscan arch, which was very famous and often accredited to Romans, and they adopted this arch from the Etruscans, and literally, the arch is constructed by a series of blocks placed together with a key stone placed in the center of the top. Romans put the arch to good practical and decorative use, for instance, they used the arches to make useful innovations like aqueducts. Indeed, the Romans effectively made use of the Etruscan arch, for instance, as the Etruscans used the arch as a single stone structure to construct gateways, the Romans used the arch in diverse ways. For instance, they combined arches with the use of concretes to construct architectural structures of greater size (Dierckx and ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Architecture Advancements Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Architecture Advancements Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Architecture Advancements Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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