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The differences between Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman Mosques - Essay Example

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The Ayybid dynasty existed between 1171 and 1250, which was then overthrown by the Mamluk dynasty that ruled until 1517, when it was overthrown by the Ottoman dynasty, which ended in 1918. To begin…
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The differences between Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman Mosques
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Extract of sample "The differences between Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman Mosques"

Download file to see previous pages It was was founded in the eighth century by Suleiman Abd probably after the conquest of Aleppo. The mosque is slim, and its base is square having built using minaret. The Great Mosque is a six storey building divided by naskhi and Kufic inscriptions. Architected by Hassan Mufarraj, the Mosque has continuous moldings, pilasters, polyfoil arches and elaborate trefoil. It is the earliest extant monument in the prehistoric city of Aleppo and one hemicycle of the then city’s Byzantine cathedral still exists in the northern part of Bab Antikiyah (Ernst 38). Additionally, the mosque also has three major fragments: inscribed stones, grans antique and capitals. Moreover, the minaret of the Great Mosque in Aleppo is seen to be heavy with some relief ornament. The classicizing details, continuous moldings, cusped arches and certain idiosyncratic details all originate from the distinctive northwest Syria. The idiosyncratic details included pointed ovals that were inserted at the cusps of the moldings. The Mosque also is had mugarnas-like cornice on top of the shaft that helped to support the balcony. From a closer range, the masonry finishing does not look as fine as on the later ornamented style mosques in the Mamluk and Ottoman dynasties. The softer stones make the overall surface of the mosque to look smooth thus a finer finish. From a different dimension, the east and south courtyard facades preserve the significant sections of Nural-Din’s reconstruction of the mosques. Additionally, the complex Stereotomy of the ornamented style is left to free play and is accompanied by moldings drawn from local Late Antique monuments, inscriptions and finely dressed masonry that is beveled along the coursing. The Mosque was of great importance in the Muslim world since it is the oldest congregational mosque in the Islamic architecture (Burgoyne, 68).
On the hand, the Mamluk dynasties new form of architecture evolved ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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