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Changes Introduced by the Ottomans to Arab Urban Life - Essay Example

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The change occurred in both the structural and living style improvement. The main change that was introduced was the increased construction. Many market place and mosques have been constructed outside the medieval walls of…
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Changes Introduced by the Ottomans to Arab Urban Life
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"Changes Introduced by the Ottomans to Arab Urban Life"

Download file to see previous pages The Chronicle and the Muslim courts record document that are the relocation of the aesthetically distasteful industries in the city, and above all, the tanneries as the population spread beyond the old wall. For the same reason, cemeteries and mosques sprang out in areas where even none had ever existed (Hathaway and Barbir 145). Public baths also increased in the number, thus indicating the larger concentrations of the people in the broader expanse of the territory.
The court note, in addition, settled disputes within the new neighborhoods, property purchases, non-Muslims, and some merchants living in the neighborhoods where they were formally unrepresented. This indicates some positive demographic shift in the urban areas.
Another change that was introduced in the urban was the improved marketing. The constructions of gathering places like the mosques brought together people, which in turn resulted in the exchange of good and services (Hathaway and Barbir 139). The construction of the stalled building also attracted more merchants who brought in different goods for sale, since it was easy for them to store their merchandize and find a place to live. Besides, as it was before the era of Ottoman, Muslims never lived near the Christians or other groups of people. However, during the Ottomans era, they are seen to at least move closer and even stays near their neighborhoods. This is some of the changes that were introduced in the urban.
Respect within the residential quarters and the people security indicates other critical changes that were introduced (Hathaway and Barbir 144). As seen, the quarters are squeezed only separated by the wall but every one respected his or her neighbor’s property. Besides, the union was also among changes that were introduced. Merchants would walk and cluster together in the neighboring home to the marketing center, and will comfortable welcomed (Hathaway and Barbir 140).
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