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Arab-Israeli war - Essay Example

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Causes of Arab-Israeli Conflict There are various stakeholders involved in the conflict of Arabs and the Jews, some state that the British is responsible for this conflict, while address the causes of these conflicts as religious as well as cultural differences…
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Arab-Israeli war
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Arab-Israeli war

Download file to see previous pages... When they left their homeland, they dispersed to different European areas while carrying their identity with themselves. They ended up being quite successful and their success resulted in anti Jewish sentiments. The Jewish community experienced rejection throughout the world and during the 638 AD, the land recognized as Jerusalem was taken over by the Ottoman Empire and Muslim rule was observed in this area. Later in 1517, the region of Palestine was captured by the Ottoman Empire and during the period of 1897 the congress of the Zionist started protesting for a homeland of the Jewish community in the region of Palestine. Later during the World War I, British obtained support from the Arab community by promising them a separate land which even included Palestine in return of their support during the war to defeat turkey which was supporting the Germans in the war. Three years later, the British even promised Jews for a separate homeland in the region of Palestine. Before this promise, the region was divided between France and Britain. In this division France secured the regions of Syria and Lebanon and Britain secured the regions of Iraq and Jordon while an agreement was made to internationalize the region of Palestine. After the war, British failed to keep its promises and Jews started migrating to the region of Palestine. ...
er in size and more amount of land was assigned to the Jewish community because of sympathies the UN had for Jews due to their experience during the Holocaust. The first wave of war that took place between Arabs and Jews was an outcome of the creation of independent state from the Jews and this region as recognized as Israel. Due to this Arabs started fighting against Israel and took hold of a small region recognized as the Old City of Jerusalem. This war led to a ceasefire, but after the first four weeks of this Cease fire, the Jews made advancements and another cease fire took place. Then in the August of 1948, the war started again and a cease fire was observed during 1949. Due to this, Arab refugees gained refugee in camps created on the borders of Israel which is another cause of the entire conflict. This led to the division of the entire region into three parts with Jews covering major portion of the region. In 1956 Jews again started war over Egypt and later cease fire took place but by that time Jews had taken over the Gaza strip along with Sharm el Sheikh. Later Jews returned these pieces of land by getting into an agreement through which they could access Gulf of Aqaba (Tucker 850). The Jews even banned the return refugees and this is one of the long term reasons due to which Arabs hate the Jews to date. Later more land was captured by Jews during 1967, but it was later returned as enforced by United Nations. Approximately 20 years later, Palestinian uprisings started to take place in the region of Gaza Strip and these uprisings were called as Intifada. These uprisings were conducted by people of all ages and in these uprisings, the Israeli army was stoned by the protestors. As feedback, Israeli army started killing children who were protesting and a three ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arab-Israeli War of 1948
The Arab-Israel war was the first in a sequence of wars fought between the Jewish state and the Arab states since 1947. Avi (1998) observes that the Israelites refer to it as the war of independence. Avi further states that on November 29 1947, immediately after the United Nations announced its approval of a partition plan to resolve the Jewish-Arab conflicts, an uproar of violence escalated in the Middle East.
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The Arab-Israeli War: Did it Achieve the Political Objectives for Egypt
To understand how and why the Arab-Israeli war was waged in 1973, one must understand that he conflict began not in 1973, but, rather, in 1967. 1967 was the year that there was another Arab-Israel war, one that was decisively won by the Israelis.
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What Caused the 1973 Arab-Israeli War
Causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict of the 1973 The Israeli-Arab war of 1973 is considered as one of the most recent fully-fledged war after the Second World War pitying more than one country. In this war, the Arabs acted as the antagonist after they organized a surprise attack against Israel resulting into an international conflict that was ended through the intervention of other superpowers (Bard, 2012).
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War as a Strategic Tool of Policy - To what extent did the outcome of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war serve the political objectives o
As a result of the animosity that is persistently found amongst them; number of wars have been fought throughout their short lived history of fifty years. 1948 war, 1967’s affair were two similar accounts and events based on the same feeling of hatred. 1973 affair was one similar conflict yet far greater in magnitude.
16 Pages(4000 words)Essay
War as a Strategic Tool of Policy - To what extent did the outcome of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war serve the political objectives o
A political strategic objective can be definite or indefinite. The objectives should however be militarily attainable. Vego points out that a “political strategic objective should be articulated clearly, concisely and unambiguously.”2 Despite the fact that this usually seems as a fairly easy task for those tasked with making decisions, most often political objectives are poorly articulated and defined and also ambiguous, which makes it quite difficult to develop appropriate military strategic objectives.
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The Strategic Causes of Conflict - What caused the 1973 Arab-Israeli War
Historical documents conclude that The Yom Kippur, or Ramadan war of 6-25 October 1973 led to the loss of 2,687 Israeli lives and an additional estimated 16,000 Arab lives. This war also disrupted the US-Soviet détente and spurred Arab oil producers to impose an Oil embargo against the West during the mid October 1973, far being a contributor of a global recession, and additionally opening up rifts between the United States and its NATO allies.
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American and Soviet Policies towards Arab-Israeli Conflict and the Cold War
In this scenario, Russian intervention in the Middle East problem, even though not yet a thing of the past, has lost much of its teeth, and may be much of its voice too. And USA, the ‘lone super power’ reigns supreme.
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Explain the origins of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war
From the archaeological records, it can be assessed that Jews had settled in this area between 1800 and 1500 BC. Following this, were the Roman invasions under
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Partition: The First Arab-Israeli War and the Palestinian Refugee Problem
The lack of good leadership among the Palestine also contributed to the biggest loss in the battle against Israel. The lack of good leadership compromised the coordination of the Palestine’s army2. Lack of coordination during war translates to defeat in many wars, this
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The First Arab-Israeli War and the Palestinian Refugee Problem
As the author of the text puts it, it is saddening the Palestinians had to suffer an unforeseen fate after abandonment by the Jews and Arabs altogether following the departure of the British. The author also adds that the Arabs and Palestinians were ill prepared to face the newly born Israeli state and the Israeli made preemptive plans to occupy and control areas.
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