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With What Justification Can Italian Architecture of the Period Be Described as Gothic - Research Paper Example

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This paper will justify that Italian architecture of the period cannot be described as Gothic. Therefore, the paper reveals the architectural characteristics relevant to the Gothic period. The debate that Italian architecture of the period is not Gothic can only be based on cultural reasons…
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With What Justification Can Italian Architecture of the Period Be Described as Gothic
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Extract of sample "With What Justification Can Italian Architecture of the Period Be Described as Gothic"

Download file to see previous pages According to Books Llc (2010: p.134), Gothic architecture is defined in terms of architectural features and other formal aspects. This includes architectural features such as flying buttresses, Gothic Rose windows, ribbed vaults among others, and formal aspects such as verticality and connected spaces. Moreover, political, cultural, religious, ideographic, and iconographic aspects can at times be used to define Gothic architecture. Some political aspects are such as the classical past of Italy and the role of France in determining cathedral fashion (Frank and Crossley, 2000: p.220). Religious aspects include the religious functions of the building, while the iconographic aspects include the meaning and significance of certain buildings and their features at that time. However, Jackson (1975: p.66), argues that Gothic architecture should be defined in terms of physical features, and not political, religious or cultural aspects, among others.
The architectural features of Gothic architecture can be exemplified by flying buttresses that support relatively thin walls, shafts split into multiple colonnades and complex decorations that include both tracery and surface decorations. Others include; ribbed vaults, pointed arches, crockets decorations, gallery, large windows with stained glass, open, connected spaces, rose window with radial tracery, gables, and the use of micro-architect which reflects the overall design in miniature (Jackson, 1975: p.55).
For this reason, most Italian buildings that were built during the period are Gothic because they have some of the Gothic architectural features and formal aspects described above. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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