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Worldcultures - Essay Example

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This is because their influence can be felt from the establishment of liberal governments, literature, development of laws, and…
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Extract of sample "Worldcultures"

Download file to see previous pages In fact, some of their great architectural works still stand strong in major towns and cities across the globe. However, one is left wondering whether the modern architectural works would withstand the test of time and last long as the structures build in the ancient Rome. The great work of the Romans can still be seen and emulated because of the superior architectural ideas and engineering skills they used and the kind of reputation they built put of their great work that certainly made them conquer the world, influence and rule it for this long.
Jenkins reveals that the Romans did their architectural works with a lot of dedication and professionalism with the aim of producing a useful architecture3. To ensure that this is accomplished, they ensured that thorough planning was done before starting any construction works. It is for this reason that buildings, bridges, marketplaces, cities and harbors contracted by the Romans are still admirable to much architecture to date and are adopting their styles in the construction according to Jenkins4.
Brown notes that the Romans employed different styles in their building, which influenced many architectural pieces5. The arch is a perfect example, which is a structure made using a mixture of the bricks, stone, and concrete. The arch was meant to give strength to or support buildings. The arches were mainly blocks, which are wedge-shaped and were to be supported using wooden materials during construction. The arches created by the ancient Romans were very strong and could withstand a lot of weight. To ensure that this is so, they used a mixture of volcanic sand and lime to create a strong and durable concrete. The strong concretes made from these mixtures were then be used to build strong and beautiful structures like the aqueducts used for supplying water to the major cities as noted by Brown6.
Immediately after this remarkable accomplishment, other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Worldcultures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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