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Culture Knowledge and Environment - Case Study Example

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Culture Knowledge and Environment Name Institution Culture Knowledge and Environment An anthropologist, Max Marwick was considering where to live while carrying out his research among the Ngoni people in 1946 when the District Commissioner Douglas Hall, suggested a site close to a mountain…
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Culture Knowledge and Environment
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"Culture Knowledge and Environment"

Download file to see previous pages To enhance the view, he cut down some trees. With this sense came a number of thoughts that were peculiar (Schumaker, 2011). This case study will shed light on incidences where colonial science misunderstood the environment of the relevant colony as well as highlight the reasons as to why such misunderstandings took place and persisted. This study draws attention on the interplay of influences in incidents regarding colonial science misunderstandings by examining anthropology from the perspective of the history of the field sciences in conjunction with those sciences that use fieldwork in addition to or instead of laboratory work. Light shed on this subject by online sources depict that, this case study attends the field of colonial science itself, the material side of fieldwork, equipment, infrastructure, and work organization suitable for conducting scientific work in a particular field site. Additionally, it allows one to correlate scientific practice and non scientific practices taking place in the same field site that include the sharing of practices between colonial administrators and anthropologists considered in this study. Documented evidence puts across that, field science approaches ideally examine the relationship between the material culture and the technology brought about by science (Sagasti, 2004). Cognitively, the history of colonial science in Africa suffered from very sharp dichotomy between the indigenous and the external factors whereby Africans viewed science as a European import more or less transferred successfully into a hostile environment. The field of science perspective brings to the history of colonial science in Africa the ability to ground that science in its African context and therefore understanding colonial science from an African perspective, an anthropologist had to live there for a length of time. While in their stay, these anthropologists observed some stern ideologies between the relevant society and the colonial science (Chakrabarti, 2004). Scientific research, as a central tenet of its professional ethos, the colonial science misunderstood the environment of the relevant colony due to sharp difference in mode of communication. Most colonial scientists did not understand the language used by the Africans and vice versa was true. Learning the common mode of communication in the relevant society was the key to professional ethos of colonial science. This meant that, one had to collect data, observe the daily activities of the indigenous people of that society, and finally resolve to obtain a clear view of the local inhabitants. Theories brought about by some anthropologists explaining instances where the colonial science misunderstood the surroundings of the relevant colony put across that, Africans regarded colonial science as an import from the west and had no good intentions for their cultural behavior and their social activities (Bloom, 2008). The colonial science wanted to colonize the Africans without learning the relevant means to deploy in order for them to get along with the presence of colonial science. Furthermore, a cognitive misunderstanding between colonial science and the relevant colony occurred in India. Let us first bear this in mind; before colonial science came into being, people understood science as a social activity, not an esoteric. Science ideas are not simple products of logic of experimental methods rather they stem ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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