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The UK Manager in the USA Management Culture - Case Study Example

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This paper "The UK Manager in the USA Management Culture" focuses on the fact that globalisation has changed the way international business is conducted across the world. Generally, globalisation is said to be responsible for the increased removal of barriers to trade witnessed in the past.  …
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The UK Manager in the USA Management Culture
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Extract of sample "The UK Manager in the USA Management Culture"

Download file to see previous pages The concept of cross-cultural management is gaining popularity in the modern world. Managing across cultures is a product of globalisation (Dierks, 2001) such that, an expatriate from a foreign culture moves to a totally new culture and is required to manage people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Many people who have moved to new cultures or societies have experienced challenges. Although the majority has succeeded, some have found it difficult and failed in their international duties. Managing across cultures requires those involved to adjust to numerous conflicting or competing cultural needs, while at the same time maintaining their culture. In this regard, one has to increase efforts of understanding other people’s cultures, their way of doing things, their way of management, and also how much people do things in general (Magala, 2005).

Understanding culture has become important to international companies and managers operating in different countries. This report looks at the management journey of an international manager from the United Kingdom, who is sent on an international mission in the USA and has to carry out international duties in one of the multinational companies in the country. The report will explore and discuss management problems and challenges likely to be experienced by the manager as reflected in the cultures of the two countries. Furthermore, there would be a discussion on the best ways through which the manager can ensure he or she fits well in the new environment and culture.

Different nations around the world have different cultures. The differences in cultures have influenced different nations to manifest little similarities and huge dissimilarities. Cultures of different societies have played important roles, which may include cultures acting as mechanisms in societies that allow maintenance of stability across many generations (Hofstede, 2001). Culture is seen as the value system of a given society where the majority of people in that society share or identify with.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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