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The play is about a young couple, Paul and Corie who move in into a new apartment just after their honeymoon. Corie appears to be displeased by Paul’s character who…
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Charater notebook
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, Corie illustrates the theme of change as she seeks to change both Paul and Ethel’s preferences to conform to her own specifications. Consequently, she manages to change her mother’s view towards dating again, as the play reveals that Ethel spent the night at Victor’s house after the blind date. (Simon, 1964)
After an argument with Paul, Corie manages to throw him out of the house and as a result of the alienation, Paul takes to drinking and adheres to Corie’s specifications of animproper and undignified man. The play is built on the concept of transition as each character tends to transition into new attributes after a different encounter in the play. Ethel was reserved about the blind date between her and Victor and during the blind date, Paul and Ethel sit on their chairs as Corie and Victor dance with the belly dancer. The twist in character changes sees Ethel step out of her comfort zone and spend the night with Victor on their first encounter a fete which Corie would not have anticipated. Paul decides to walk on the snow bare footed irrespective of his prior reservations stating that the snow was 17 degrees.
With respect to the circumstance focused on in the play, the author illustrates the theme of change in the different acts. In act one, Corie notes Paul’s conservative attributes and states some instances where his reservations conflicted with her needs. She notes that while they were in a party, Paul kept staring at his coat instead of mingling with other people who were present.Paul is calm, reserved and dejected and only conforms to a given lifestyle due to factors derived from his career and general outlook to life. He appreciates order and is very reserved when he is in contact with new people, he comes across as a shy person but it is revealed that his line of work forces him to embrace his character. In one of their arguments, Corie states that Paul is just a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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