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Cameras make art less valuable - Essay Example

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It shows the deep thoughts and a whole new experience about the image being drawn. An image that is put to paper stays on the paper forever, it does not capture a moment…
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Cameras make art less valuable
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Extract of sample "Cameras make art less valuable"

Download file to see previous pages nted images but people have started seeing it this way and for this reason Camera Art is becoming more popular and the painted art is becoming less valuable.
It is easy to capture the same moment again but is it impossible to capture the same feeling again. With the introduction of camera art the audience is losing the general sense of imagination, a place that exists in real and can be seen by the naked eye. As compared to painted art which cannot be recreated, even if the same image is being reproduced by the same artist it will give another feel all together. The beauty of art is it explains the inner deep emotions of the painter, an image which might or might not exist in the real life, an imagination that might or might not create a meaning.
The way we see things is interpretation of what we know or believe about it. From the image of sunset to the creation of the concept of heaven and hell, everything was assumed to be an imagination in the minds of the creator. Even if the sunset can be seen but the color and added creation was what made the painting an art. Art also evolved over time and when the definitions of the concepts changed the same was reflected onto canvas. We see a same person different and complete if we are in love with him, the feeling of love creates a perfect image because everyone wants to see a complete image of the person they fall for.
The sight of camera art is limited to what we see in real life, they cannot create images that do not exist, they can create images that are special for one and ordinary for others, they can even create the feel of the place. They limit the imagination of the thinker and audience; they limit it because a person can use his five senses to actually see the place instead of thinking beyond. It isolates the thinking because it can only be thought of way it is projected; the click of the moment explains the essence of the picture taken. It is mechanically recreating of stimuli.
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