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Continuity in film making - Essay Example

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Movie Continuity: The challenge faced by all those in the film industry BY Abdumoeen Alfaraidy Id 1071113355 Background Background of the Research Continuity is from the word continuing, which is to make or to keep the progress running without a break. Continuity is the opposite of ceasing, taking a break, or halting…
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Continuity in film making
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Download file to see previous pages Continuity is a task for all the production team as it has to be maintained at all levels of the production team. From the script supervisor, film director to the most important touch in postproduction - the editor, continuity is important. By identifying the connections that form continuity among the production team members, it can minimize the number of errors that usually occur in the production of a film. There are too many production team members to describe each and every connection in detail. In this thesis, the focus is on the director and the editor. This will allow us to go through the preproduction process, the postproduction process, and most importantly the understanding and the ability to identify the responsibilities, of each team member at each stage of production. Although not including many of the individual pieces, to get a better understanding of the basic cinematographic process I have included a basic description of the overall process. Visuals are pictures and sequences of motion pictures is a film, which captures the motion or action, so the camera by recording these events, does its job. The person who controls the camera is the cameraman. This person is in charge of moving the camera in predetermined directions which can serve the purpose of achieving the best shot is taken. The director provides the direction, how the camera moves or what should be shown in the frame gate, based on their interpretation of the script of the story, provided by the script writer. After completing the shots and sequences, the editor gathers the footage and compiles them in a way that they match and gives the feel for the entire footage. The editor is also responsible for matching the sequences shot, which gives the illusion of continuity. Justification of the Research To create a motion picture, regardless of expertise of the crew, there is a requirement to achieve continuity. Continuity requires more attention and especially during a large film production as it requires script, budget, and equipment. All of these processes have to be combined together to make a film. It is a complex process and can involve a large number of people to work together in a film project. One fact is that, no matter how easy it is to see the movie or a motion picture, it is a much more complicated process especially when it gets to the structure of making it. Historically films have been made by three main countries; Great Britain, France, and the United States. It hasn’t been until the last couple of decades that other countries such as India have joined in the cinema field with successes. Not only have other countries joined in the film making business, but so have amateur filmmakers with low budgets and fresh ideas. The growth of the motion picture making around the world is expanding and most of the developers are young which means the future of filmmaking is bright. The growth of video making is exponential, especially with the advent of and the fact that at any time in 2012 most people have at least one camera at their house. Many of those individuals would like to tell a story, so to tell a story visually the fact of continuity has to be present. As the visual creation needs to be in the right composition angle and camera movement, all of data collected has to gather to tell a cohesive story. Methodology and Case Study A focused theoretical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Continuity in Film Making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words.
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