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Camera Obscure - Essay Example

According to Steadman 2001(4), this is the connotation of camera obscura according to the astronomer Kepler. Usually, the typical image of the camera obscura is very thin. As a means of sharpening the image, the hole should be very small to limit the light going through. Moreover, there should be a very bright light striking on the outside scene. For one to see the image opposite the hole clearly, he has to wait for some time for his eyes to amend (Steadman 2001). According to Renner (2009), an example of camera obscura is the sun’s illustration, which is usually very visible. This can be observable in rooms that have small openings in the roof and the sunrays go through the openings. The same can happen when the sunrays penetrate thick canopies. Aristotle viewed the sun’s image that was formed under a tree changing into crescent shape when there was an eclipse. From this, he predicted a practical use of the camera obscura in the 17th century, and this entailed viewing solar eclipses while preventing eye damages (Renner 2009). According to other astronomers, camera obscura is an epistemological model. This is because it changes any random data into a stable vision whose apparatus corresponds to a single, numerical definable point making it easily utilizable regardless of the technical concerns that might be emergent. According to Michelson & Allen (2003), it is a device, which symbolizes human’s position and association between God and the universe. History According to Edinburgh’s Camera

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obscura (2000), the principle of camera obscura started in Greece when Aristotle realized that when light reached into a dark room. This follows the penetration of a minute hole; thus, leading to the formation of an image on the opposite hole. However, the principle could have been applicable earlier than this since the Stone Age man could have used it for the production of the initial art (Michelson & Allen 2003). Later, Al Hassan used the camera obscure to demonstrate that light rays do not bend, and that was in the 10th century. In the 13th century, the astronomers used the principle to get a clear view of the sun. Later, many artists started employing the camera obscura for the creation of drawings with fine details. For this reason, mobile cameras that were portable were made further simplifying the aspects attributable to such a phenomenon. In the Victorian period, camera obscura became popular, and people used it on the seaside to see courting couples, which was a popular pastime (Edinburgh’s Camera obscura 2000). By 15th century, the using camera obscura in making solar observation became a common practice among astronomers. The initial published illustration of the camera obscura was evident in a book by Reinerus Gemma who was an astronomer. According to Marsh (2003), the image in the book was of the solar eclipse, which he viewed at Louvain, reflected on the wall of an old pavilion. Currently, cities use it to spy their visitors as they move the around the cities. Levels in the illusion place The attractions give the tourists a chance to view Edinburg in different ways by using the principle of camera obscura (Mobilereference 2010). The museums enable people to comprehend Edinburgh and the surrounding region, while helping people to comprehend the connection between the camera obscura and the world. An example pertains to the Outlook Tower, which has three floors of exhibitions and the public can still access it. It is the earliest purpose built


CAMERA OBSCURE Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Camera obscure Introduction What is it? Camera obscura is an enclosed place with a diminutive hole that permits light to go through it. If the wall, of a dark room has a diminutive hole, the light rays from outside create images of things that are outside…
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