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The Movie Waiting for the End of the World by Lee Deaville - Essay Example

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The reporter states that there are several forms of video editing. This is evident especially through observing common patterns used in the movie. Moreover, this paper discusses three forms of movie editing techniques which are observed at the start of the movie and during most of the transitions…
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The Movie Waiting for the End of the World by Lee Deaville
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"The Movie Waiting for the End of the World by Lee Deaville"

Download file to see previous pages This is possible through the unlinking of the audio and video tracks and ensuring that transitions are spiced up while keeping the engagement of the audience to the movie (Deaville, 2009). For instance, we first hear the alarm and then realize that there was someone sleeping has to wake up to report to work.The result is that the sound cuts into a scene prior to the picture or cuts immediately after the picture to form audio-lead-video split and video-lead-audio split respectively (Louise, 2011).
The second is the match cut. The form of editing involved here is that of combining two shots of varying angle and configuration. In this regard, the action continues from one to shot to the other within the same place and time (Deaville, 2009). At times during work in the supermarket, there are many instances of the sound of a trolley on the move without first seeing who is pushing it and to what direction.The intention is to make sure that all action is shown in seamless progression while focussing on action’s detail, offering a varying perspective to augment three-dimensionality, and the addition of vigor and upsurge pacing(Louise, 2011).
The third editing technique in the movie is the motivated cut. This cut is deliberately put especially on the point where their viewer is glued to a scene and then immediately the wants to see what is not observable at that time. The action in this editing is the determinant of the editing and camera work, especially in the shot/reverse shot technique. When the actor imagines that at times he feels he is not alone in the supermarket, the camera remains glued to him but the background noise justifies that the actor is really not alone and wants to learn the next clue (Deaville, 2009).
Hitchcock's North by Northwest makes use of numerous editing techniques that clearly display numerous scenes clearly and smoothly. Through Hitchcock’s editing, the audience manages to see various scenes through his eyes just the way they happen and in the way he sees them.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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