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Colonialism affect on South Asia Painting - Essay Example

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The essay analyzes How European colonialism changed art and architecture. In the past, people in all cultures used to have their own ways of decorating surfaces of domestic, religious, and public buildings. The most significant modes of surface decoration are wall paintings…
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Colonialism affect on South Asia Painting
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Colonialism affect on South Asia Painting" discusses How European colonialism changed art and architecture. Decorated surfaces were used in identifying different cultures and the artisanship of people in the past. Due to the European colonialism, ways in which individuals express themselves through paintings changed in South Asia.Earthen architecture has been a canvas of surfaces decoration over the ages. In West Africa, earth was applied as texture patterns, relief decorations, and as vibrant paintings. In the South Asia, earthen paintings showed relief and elaborate decorative paintings. In Europe earthen paintings ware used in grace tombs, religious structures, and homes. In South Asia, due to the colonialism, the paintings were influenced and individuals started using the Europeans materials and greater varieties of plasters and paints started being used instead of the earthen paintings. The preservation of the old forms of paintings was difficult because of the heterogeneous characteristics of the paintings materials. European colonialism affected the panting forms of different cultures due to modernization. Many cultures abandoned their art. For instance, the colonialist introduces steel, which led to the abandonment of the major carved figures that were made from bones and stones. The introduction of wood and steel led to the increase in the production of art because carvers could easily elaborate on detail and motifs, which were not easy when using the traditional stones. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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